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80s styled wads? (not made in the 80s of course)

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I'm wondering if there's any wads made with an 80s style in one way or another, whether it be the music, the textures, the architecture and so on, would anything like this exist?

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I think I recall EvilTech using a lot of 80's/Argentinian music MIDIs as a soundtrack but other than that, I haven't played any.

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Gifty said:

Forsaken Planet is supposed to be reminiscent of 80s sci-fi horror. Still a WIP, but the screens look delicious.

Although it seems they're basing it on 3 different decade styles of sci-fi (60s 70s & 80s) at the same time it still looks pretty good, however I hope they update it again sometime soon, it appears the last update was since Oct 31st.

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