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Ambient sound effects in Doom

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Anyone have hands on experience, or the theoretical know how, about adding ambient sound effects to Doom? Downloading and mixing together your own SFX is easy enough, using Audacity. Takes a bit of time though. All I guess I'm missing is a "thing" type to to place and a way to hook up the wavs (or is it mp3s?).

Answers appreciated, as always.

I made a "burning house" level yesterday, and I'm looking to add the following sound effects to lure the player into another journey into hell, if I can find suitable sound files:

Medium skill (default) - Dog barking for attention. Perhaps a riesenschnauzer?
Easy skill - Girl crying for help.
Hard skill - Grown man shouting for help (a drill sargent type would be great).

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They can be done in Vanilla, assuming you have unused sounds (if I recall correctly, both the player and Lost Souls have some -- and that's before you go around replacing entire monsters like the SS trooper). Replace those sounds, and then in DEHACKED create a monster that is invisible, not shootable, and uses such sounds as breathing/active noises.

It's a little nasty and hackish (sounds don't loop, and play at indeterminate periods which sound random, plus monsters can move around although giving them a low speed and/or sealing them in monster-blocking lines is a workaround) but the plus side is that it'll work with any source port.


The above method can be completely compatible with your idea for different sounds on different difficulties, using three different 'ambient sound monsters' flagged as such.

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The dehacked option is to sacrifice a thing and a frame with a codepointer. Make it loop the codepointer frame regularly, have the codepointer frame call A_Scream, and use the ambient sound as the thing's death sound. With Boom and MBF extensions, you get some more flexibility (you no longer need a frame that already has a codepointer, for example), though it's still limited in that you have to transform existing things, which therefore you will not be able to use as they were anymore.

The "actually I'm using Heretic or Hexen" option gives you better ways to get ambient sounds in a map.

The advanced port option is a lot more flexible, of course. Here's how you can do it in ZDoom, for instance.

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Jayextee said:


I think the Aliens TC used this exact (or a very similar method) for playing back sound clips from the movie at certain points. Which reminds me, I should check how compatible it is with modern source ports and if not, make a repackaging for it ;-)

Edit: Aliens TC might be compatible if the DEH is converted to text form. The olders Aliensdoom TC however (unrelated) is much more problematic, and guess what, it does have the same bullshit "do not modify" clause as other problematic TCs...not that I care :-p

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Kirby said:

That depends. What port are you making your map for

Currently ZDoom, but it is great to know the secret path through the woods if it ever comes down to multi-port compatibility...

Haven't touched Dehacked in decades, and dread having to do so.

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If you want a constant or looping sound, and if you're not using crushers or rising floors (as opposed to lifts) anywhere in your map, you can overwrite DSSTNMOV with the sound you want, and then park an inaccessible crushing sector in the appropriate place - I used this once to add the sound of torrents of flowing liquid to very large, out-flowing, nukage pipes. In your case, this might be appropriate for adding the sound of a raging fire to your burning house.

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