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Cinnamon Cherry Base

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I'll record some playthrough videos and post them when I upload them.

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Played a bit (sorry no demos, I'm not the right guy for that). Jimi, I like your detailing style and the ease and elegance of your layouts and also monster encounters, both the small and the large-scale ones.

MAP01 was really okay, I don't have anything to complain. Found all secrets and came out well stocked, but not overly, and I believe that if I didn't find them it'd be alright too, so you managed to get the balance right.

MAP02 continues in similar pace and spirit. Very well done too, the only problem was lack of health after the red key area. I need health before I encounter all those hitscanners waiting for me outside and guarding the red door. I admit I played uncareful and let some chaingunners to drain nearly all of my 200% health before I even stepped up the first stairs (I went down first). Great map as well.

MAP03 - it's like some kind of perfection of what we've seen before. No particularly distinctive or extra eye-pleasing structure, but the level overally somehow looks beautiful with its compactness and uniformity in detail and theme. Also the Jimi-style ammo placement strikes here. :) You can pretty much play the map and always be out of ammo, and then you can play the map and be overstocked. Ammo is "hidden" (not really) in various corners and along walls and in places that the player doesn't run over normally, so he has to explore his environment a bit. I like that a lot. :) The scale of fights increased and I already suspect it'll increase even more in the next map.

MAP04. I thought it right. A wall of cacodemons greets me. That's also why I don't do demos, because I'm very dependant on ZDoom's "resurrect" cheat. Not that I think the map is hard, I just suck a lot and resurrecting after death is comfortable, so I apologize for cheating in your map. :P Again, ammo along walls, and this time a horde-slaughter (I had experienced it in your maps too). Not sure why the red key pillar is flagged secret when it's obligatory anyway. Other than that a cool fun, would be even if I tried to run it properly. Nice design of the metal machine in the middle. Style remains the same and the same good.

Overally I find these maps really good, and distinct to the point I could distinguish they're yours. ;) Difficulty is actually fine with me, all battles are fair and this applies double when any hitscanners are involved. So, good job!

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Jimi said:

Record me some demos.

Easy crowded maps, sometimes fun, sometimes a bit tedious maybe. Personally, I would prefer a little more pressure on the player or more powerful weaponry so that the fights would go faster. So map04 was obviously my favorite, with some dangerous moments at the start (don't want to get surrounded) and a whole load of rockets to use on that horde.

I noticed that usually when I post a "demo" of some project, it pretty much means that I'll never get back to it again. So now I try to resist the temptation to release such demos and only send them to 2-3 close friends.

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Demos? Sure.

Pretty good maps all of them, although as Memfis said they're not very hard despite being relatively crowded. Hitscanners are really the main threat while the dominating HKs/Barons are not very dangerous at all in such spacious areas.

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Thanks for the demos and reviews..

They were like meant to be the start maps, so not really hard. Looks like the plasma gun secret in map02 wasn't as easy to find as I thought. And maybe that other secret should have activated from the whole wall?

Map04 didn't really have secrets, so I just made some of the important locations/items as secrets.

Memfis: Usually happens to me too, but my focus has shifted to my other project, so I thought to release this now.. Otherwise it might have sitted on my hdd for months, and when I'd get back to it, I might have just restarted it from scratch.

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I had a lot of fun with MAP04. Kiting the monsters into infighting was also amusing to pull when I had limited rocket launcher ammo.

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heh, I was actually expecting to see cacodemons in screenshots since the title of the post contained "cherry" lol.

I think I'll download it but I will try it as soon as I'm in the mood to play Doom.

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