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40oz wedding present.

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Late coming but I made a simple cross compatible CTF map as a wedding present for 40! Best of luck for the future sunshine. It's not overly big or overly detailed but hopefully it's decent enough to warrant a little play for 3v3 (layout is probably to simple for that so probably 2v2 well, looks it to me). Note: It has yet to be tested and it only has 3 player starts per base. If everything's to your liking (or anyone else's), then expect an id games link soon.

Screenshot to get you in the mood:

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joe-ilya said:

Just let him be with his wife, I guess he'll be busy with all that babystuff he has to do.


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EvilNed said:


How original.

Did anyone notice the thread was locked for a while?

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Locking this thread for now due to Joe's utterly useless post (suprise, surprise) and to also prevent more Yoko Ono impressions from happening. Map needs updating anyway as I found out last night when I did some testing for once. So I will update this at some point.

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