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My Unreal mapping continues. Now with Unrealed 3.0 and UT 2007.

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This is the simple map I have made with a skybox and terrain. All I need now is something to put around the edge to block the players and then I can fill in the middle. This editor is easier than the one for UT 2004. Skyboxes are static meshes now and they are just an item you place that automatically draws a skybox over my 4096*4096 square map. If only Doom had an engine like this.

Another map I am working on now, 24,000 units square. This needs a lake in the middle.


Adding some detail around the edge.


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Currently its an empty plot of land with sightlines easy for sniping. Add more, buildings, trees, or interesting things then post :-)

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Here is an all new map. This is only about 16384 units in playable area. The older map was far too big to light properly. This one has plenty of cover and a truck to hoon around in in a deathmatch mode. There are a full complement of deathmatch starts and weapon spawner pads as well. I tried to get athmospheric lighting in the map. I just need to compile a cooked version so I can play this in the actual game.

What do you think of this? I added quite a few static meshes. The buildings are a nice backdrop to the action. This is supposed to be a park on top of a huge building.

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Map looks good, and while its at the top of the building, and there are buildings in the background, I don't get a sense that its ontop of a building. Maybe it feels differently when you play the game.

Any in game screenshots yet?

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Here are some screenshots of the cooked map I built. Finally it works in game.




The only problems I have seen is one static mesh is slightly off the ground and one bot path goes through a tree. But other than that it works well. I had two botmatches and it works fine. It is a bit big for DM, but that is what I wanted. Does anyone want this map when it is finally finished? If anyone has UT 3.

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Some of the trees need shrubs around them to add some color and cover. otherwise, it looks good, but brown.

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