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Doom article with us in mind

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John Romero just posted this on fb. The article is titled: The Most Misunderstood Game of All Time. Here is an excerpt:

But the mods which make Doom more like Doom have been out for years before Brutal Doom’s inception. Alien Vendetta. Scythe 2. Deus Vult 2. And none of these see fit to mess with weapon feel, gore effects or animations - the last of the 3 adding sunglasses to Doomguy’s head as a small stylistic touch. They’re just custom level packs, a few custom textures here and there. A custom enemy or two patches a hole in the bestiary. Nothing more.
This simple, old-fashioned, mindless shooter has entranced level designers for going on 20 years now. The Cacowards run every year to pick out some standout favourites, and thousands of wads are available to download and play. Most of which require little in the way of advanced engine features bar some limit removals and optimization.


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Probably someone who plays only the newest wads and doesn't touch the old ones, therefore being "counter-culture" in the Doom community and being a Doom hipster by default.[/talkingoutofarse]

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Someone that's so ironic and quirky, they play this old game that no-one cares about anymore. You've probably never even heard of it.

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