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Please tell me if this can be done

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Okay I have a few ideas for some Doom stuff but I want to know if they can be done. If they can, how would I do it?

First Idea: Jukebox - How could I create a jukebox then put it in the game to allow the player to cycle through the songs I've added to it?

Second Idea: Limited time room - I want to make a room that when you cross a certain line in it, a countdown from 10 starts and you have that much time to get out or else you die. Could I do some sort of script that turns the sector into an instant death sector after the 10 seconds or something?

So yeah if someone could tell me how to do these things that would be sweet. Thanks.

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For the jukebox, I've seen switches which can be used to cycle through songs. I think there's a ZDoom line special to change music which facilitates this. Example wads are KDiZD Z1M9 and that godawful Doomguy 2000 war zone wad.

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You can definitely do both of those. Look at Doom Center.wad for the jukebox. And for the count down, Why not assign a squishing ceiling that doesn't kill until the ten second ratio?

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The best jukebox example is this.

As for a certain death script, it's easy too.

script "DOOM" (void)
      delay(35 * 10);      //10 seconds
      DamageThing(0, 0);
The line at the room's entrance will start this script; the line at the exit will stop it.

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Foxpup said:

For the second one, a crushing ceiling outside of the main play area that smashes a bunch of barrels that blow up a voodoo doll will give the effect you want.

Great idea, thanks.

Sqrrt121 said:

Look at Doom Center.wad for the jukebox.

Yeah but I don't wanna just rip his jukebox out of the wad and place it in mine. I want to make my own from scratch.

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