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One Man Job -V2 Release

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Hell is upon you all, and you got to kill it. Inspired by WADS like HR, but also as a criticism to the high levels of grind in Slaughter maps, I decided to try something slightly different.

This WAD will hopefully keep you at the edge of your seat, fearing for your life and hoping that only quickly enough you can find that one man...

See our great friends at Imgur for an album with a short description for each.

How To
It's Zandronum and (G)ZDoom compatible, meaning that you can just run it. You will have to make sure that both CC4 and the WAD are loaded, which is easiest done by just drag-and-drop on the executable or through Doom Seeker.

Release note
This is the second release, patching previously reported issues and adding one extra level.

All versions

[FR] -->Grandvoid-->Doom 2 - CC4 - One Man Job

keep in mind that online versions can take a short while before being updated.

Known Bugs v2
None for now, but feel free to give me an update of all bugs you find.

Aditional Credits
Community Texture Pack 4

Kevin "Eonfge" Degeling

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Eonfge said:

Inspired by WADS like HR, but also as a criticism to the high levels of grind in Slaughter maps

well you have my attention. will certainly be checking this out.

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Well I certainly didn't expect a monster spitter on every level.

Both the first two maps give me HOMs on the horizon (software ZDoom). I think you need to add another sector with the F_SKY behind it, but have the ceiling/floor meet up far below where the player can see.

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