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some random sketches including quake

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redneck rampage: remember this guy he made up half the guys you fight in the game

Left 4 Dead: Crying Witch

something inspired by the jockey's in Left 4 dead 2

sideview of Quake Fiend
fiends are hard to draw

and the vore
I was on a james cameron's avatar high at the time that I drew this

I also added more stuff to my Doom sketches thread so don't forget to check it out

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Doominator2 said:

At first I though the vore had a really sharp dick, but then reality came back and I realized it was his other leg.

Ooh, now I see it. For real. Looks like a penis to me.

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Shapeless said:

Wolfenstein 3d elite guard

This started off as a doom imp but ended up being something else

I'll see about making a shambler.

Awesome art, that last beast reminds me of resident evil 2 licker because of the tongue and long talons

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