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A very small Heretic map? Yes it is.

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Here is a very, very small Heretic map: Download

It has difficulty settings and multiplayer things. It was tested only in ZDoom 2.7.1.

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Cool! A bit simple and plain though, most of the level uses one wall texture. OTOH it gives it a bit of a crypt-like feel. Going to be more levels? It would make a good ExM1 in a larger wad.

FDA in Zdoom 2.7.1 if you want: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/attachment.php?postid=1234474

I couldn't find the crossbow easily and I didn't want to make you watch me searching all over the place, so I just exited. Ammo was quite tight without the crossbow secret. I could've staffed more golems etc. but that's boring. I did go back and find the secrets on my 2nd playthrough, though I'm not entirely sure what I did to open the door with the gauntlets.

edit: Seems to work fine in Chocolate Heretic.

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Pretty cool.

I was able to complete the map just using the staff, in GZDoom (i.e it wouldn't be so easy to do that in non-ZDoom ports).

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