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New Doom intermission mini-font

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Well, this is certainly to be filed under "DOH", but for the record:

I iddq'ed through Memento Mori today, looking for the author(s) of what I still reckon is the cleverest trap devised under Doom (most original anyway) - Map26's demon-crowd archvile resurrection. While working on Eternal Doom I copied the basic concept of barrel-crushing to create archvile ressurrectables for one of my own maps there (Map04), but never specifically credited Thomas and Denis Möller anywhere... So, today I scratched that old itch and fired up Memento Mori, to make a note for the next map textfile where I use this clever invention, if there ever is such a thing (got another WIP "improvement" going).

To make a long story short, the above linked font is basically just a recolored version of what I guess is Thomas Möller's work, off old mastodont "The Innocent Crew", whether they based it off original doom2.wad content or not...

Just thought I'd mention it, so the font don't sit there and collect bad karma.

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