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The Doom Alphabet Game

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This game is very simple:

  • Every post will contain a word or term that begins with the next letter in the alphabet prior to the post above it.
  • All words/terms must be related to the Doom series, its ports or the movie in some way (no Heretic/Hexen please).
  • You cannot re-use any words/terms, including plurals.
  • Only one word/term at a time and no back-to-back posts.
  • When we hit Z, start it up again.
Words/terms used so far...
  1. AASHITTY lump; AASTINKY lump; Abattoire; Absolution; Adrian Carmack; Adrian's Asleep; Aeons of Death; Alien Vendetta; Aliens TC; Alpha Dog Alliance, The; Alpha Labs; Alpha Quadrant; Altar of Pain; American McGee; Ammo; Arachnotron; Arch-vile; Archon of Hell (Realm667); Armor bonus; Assmaster (Jason Masihdas); ATB Doom; Automap
  2. Back to Basics; Back to Saturn X; Backpack; Ballistyx; Baron of Hell; Barrel suicide; Barrels o' Fun; Berserk pack; Bethesda Softworks; BFG; Big badasses; Blast damage; Bloodfalls; Blue keycard; Boom; Box of ammo; Brotherhood of Ruin, The; BROWNWEL lump; BSP
  3. Cabal series; Cacodemon; Caged; Central Processing; Chaingun; Cherub; Chocolate Doom; Clip; Cold as Hell; Command Control; Community Chest series; COMPET-N; COMPOHSO lump; Computer Station; Consistency failure; Containment Area; Countdown to Death; Crushing ceiling; csDoom; CWILV00 lump; Cyber Baron (Realm667); Cyberdemon
  4. Damaging floor; Daniel Young; Dark Claw; Darkening, The; Deathmatch; DECORATE lump; Deimos Lab; Demo; Demon; Demon Defence; DEU; Dis; Display options (ZDoom); Domination; Doom; Doom Honorific Title; Doom95; Doomguy; Doomseeker; Doomworld; Door; Doxylamine Moon: Overdose; Dummy sector
  5. EDGE; EdMap; Egregor; ENDOOM lump; Energy cell; Energy cell pack; entityDef; Entryway; Eon Deathmatch; Episode; Erebus; Eris Falling; Eternal Doom; Eternally Yours; Eternity Engine; Everything Else; Evil Incarnate; Evilution; EXE editor; Exit
  6. F_SKY1 lump; Falling damage (ZDoom); Fast monsters; Fava Beans; Final Doom; Fire sky (PSX Doom); Flashlight; Flat; FLOOR lumps; FMOD; Former Human; Former Human Sergeant; Forsaken Overlook; Fortress of Mystery; Frag; FreeDoom; Frontend; Fuel Devourer
  7. Gamma correction; Gate to Limbo; Gateway 2000; Gateway of Hell, The; Gauntlet, The; Geryon; Ghost monster; Gib; Glide; Go 2 It; Go 4 It (Plutonia 2); Gravity; Greenwar; Grosse; Gun; GZDoom
  8. Hadephobia; Hall of mirrors effect; Halls of the Damned; Hangar; Health bonus; Heavy Weapon Dude; Hectic; Hell; Hell Keep; Hell Knight; Hell on Earth; Hell to Pay; Hey, Not Too Rough; Hiding the Secrets; Hissy the Cacodemon; Hit point; Hitscan; House of Pain; Hurt Me Plenty
  9. I'm Too Young to Die; Icarus: Alien Vanguard; ICKWALL lumps; Icon of Sin; IDDQD; IDKFA; IDMUS; IDSPISPOPD; Ilya Britvich; Imp; Impse; In the Void; Industrial Zone; Inferno; Inmost Dens, The; Interception; Intermission music; Interpolate monster movement (ZDoom); Invasion; Inverted music; Invulnerability
  10. J. Yezback; j4rio; Jaguar Doom; James "Jimmy" Paddock; Jason's Hell; Jay Wilbur; jDoom; JDP; Jenesis; Jimmy's Jukebox; Joe Pallai; John "Reaper" Grimm; John Anderson; John Carmack; John Romero; Jokewad; Jump pad (ZDoom); Junior Member
  11. K-Mart Doom CD; Kaiser (Samuel Villarreal); Kama Sutra; Keen; Kevin Cloud; Key; Keygrab; Killer Colours (AV); Killers (WIKILRS lump); Killing Fields of Io, The; Kills; King Doom Experience, The (KDX); Kitchen Ace (And Taking Names); Knee-Deep in the Dead; Knee-Deep in the Jungle; Knee-Deep in ZDoom; Knight; Kotzugi
  12. Lakeside; Larva Circuits; Lava floor; Leg (???); Legacy; Legacy of Suffering; Legion of the Lost; Lift; Light; Light amplification visor; Limit-removing port; Linedef; Living End, The; LOCKDEFS (ZDoom); Long wall error; Lost Soul; Lump; Lunatic
  13. M_DOOM lump; Mancubus; Mancubus rockets; Mapgame; MARBFACE lumps; Mars City; Mars War; Master Levels for Doom II; MBF (Marine's Best Friend); Megasphere; Megawad; Memento Mori; METAL lumps; MFLR8 lumps; Misri Halek (AV); Mocha Doom; Monster infighting; Moonbase; Mordeth; Mother Demon; Mutator (Kim Malde)
  14. New game; New Wad Tool (NWT); NewDoom Community Project; Nightmare Imp; Nightmare!; Nightomb; NIN logo; Nirvana; NME; No End in Sight; No Rest for the Living; Noclip; Nodebuilder; Nomonsters; Nostromo's Run; NOVA: The Birth; Nuclear Plant; Nukage; Nukage Processing; NUKEPOIS lump
  15. 'O' of Destruction; Obituary; OBLIGE; Obsidian; Ocelot (Juho Ruohonen); Odamex; Odessa series; Odyssey of Noises; Official secret area; On the Hunt; Onslaught DM series; Open source port; OpenGL; Opening to Hell; Origwad; Osiris; Other Side of Madness; Ouch face; Outpost Omega
  16. Pain chance; Pain Elemental; Pandemonium; Partial invisibility; PDoom; Perdition's Gate; Perfect Hatred; Pinky; Pit, The; Plasma rifle; Plasmorgasm (The Darkening E2); Player start; PlayStation Doom; Plutonia 2; Plutonia Experiment, The; Post Hell; Postcount++; PrBoom; Proscrustes Chambers (Requiem); PWAD
  17. QBasicer; QDOOM; QNX Doom; Quantum Accelerator; Quantum Lost Soul; Quarantine (D2TWID); Quarry; Quasar (James Haley); Queen (Aliens TC); Queer Doom; Quick is Good; Quickload; Quicksave; QUICKTORETALIATE (ZDoom); Quit menu; Quit message; QUITMSGx (ZDoom)
  18. Radek Pecka; Radiation shielding suit; Railgun (Skulltag); Raven series; REDWALL lumps; Refueling Base; Registered Doom; ReMooD; Renegade Graphics DoomEd; Requiem; Resurrection of Evil; Revenant; Revenge of the 90's; Risen3D; Rocket; Rocket jumping; Rocket launcher; Romero's head; Running From Evil; Russian Overkill
  19. Sector; Sergeant; Shores of Hell, The; Shotgun; Sign of Evil; Silent BFG trick; SLADE; Slime trail; SLumpEd; Soul sphere; SP_ROCK lumps; Spectre; Sperziebonen Met Slagroom (Crucified Dreams); Spiderdemon; STARTAN lumps; STBAR lump; Stimpack; Suburbs; Super shotgun
  20. Talk function; Talosian Incident, The; TEKLITE lumps; TEKWAL lumps; Telefrag; Teleporter; Tenements; They Will Repent; Thomas Zajic; Threshold of Pain; Tic; TNT; Total conversion; Tower of Babel; Toxic Exodus, The; Trapped on Titan; Trinity College (WAD); Tutti Frutti effect; Twilight Descends
  21. UAC; UAC Ultra; UDMF; Ultimate Doom, The; Ultra-Violence; Uncapped framerate; Underhalls; Undersea; Unholy Cathedral; Unholy Realms; Unholy Temple; UniDoom clan; Unmaker; Unnamed space marine; Unruly Evil; Unto the Cruel; Upper unpegged; Urban Brawl
  22. Vae Victus series; Vagary; Vanguard; Vanilla Doom; Vavoom; Venetian blind crash; Vengeance; Vile Flesh; Virgin (???); Visible sprites limit; Visplane overflow; Voices in the Blood; Void; Voodoo doll; VOXELDEF (ZDoom); Vrack series; Vulcana (WOS); Vulcana II (CC4); Vuvuzela of Doom
  23. WAD; WAD editor; WADED; Waiting for Romero to Play; Warrens; Waste Tunnels, The; Watch Me Die!; Water floor; Waterlevel (Boom); Weapon; Weapons stay (ZDoom); Well of Souls; WhackEd; Whispers of Satan; Whispers of Startan; Whitemare; Williams Entertainment; Wintex; Wolfenstein (MAP31); Wraith
  24. X alignment/offset; X Factor (UDMX); X-rated themes (/idgames); Xaser; XBAND.ID (Doom95); XBLA Doom; XDoom; XDRE; Xenomorph (Aliens TC); Xenturion (NDCP); Xenus series; XHAIRS (ZDoom); Xided; Xinophobia; Xit Vono (Jim Leonard); Xtra Shake (Doom shovelware); XWadEd; XWE
  25. Y alignment/offset; Y-shearing; Yadex; Yak World; Yaotzin; Yellow key door; Yellow keycard; Yellow skull key; Yesterday's Brownies; Yesterday's Nightmare; Yngve; YOMI.WAD (Hatomo Battles the Yomi Demons); Yonatan Donner; Yorp (D2TWID); You Are Here (WIURH0/WIURH1 lumps); You Have Huge Guts (XBLA Doom II); Your Mom (WAD); Your Path of Destruction (Quake); Yurei (GF3)
  26. Z_Malloc error; Z-clipping; Z-Sec; Zaldron (Federico Ceccatto); Zandronum; ZanZan; ZDaemon; ZDoom; Zen Dynamics; ZeniMax Media; ZenNode; ZIMMER lumps; Zombie Heart of Death; Zombieman; Zone 300; Zone memory; Zones of Fear; Zort series; Zvonimir "fx" Buzanic; ZZZFACE lumps
Letters of success:

A. 21 out of 21 (100%)
C. 21 out of 21 (100%)
D. 21 out of 21 (100%)
Z. 20 out of 20 (100%)
I. 20 out of 21 (95%)
M. 20 out of 21 (95%)
P. 20 out of 21 (95%)
W. 20 out of 21 (95%)

Letters of fail:

G. 15 out of 21 (71%)
Q. 16 out of 21 (76%)
F. 17 out of 21 (81%)
J. 17 out of 21 (81%)
K. 17 out of 21 (81%)
L. 17 out of 21 (81%)

I'll start things off...


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