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While you're vacationing in Greece, enjoying bath houses, women and wine, a group of Greek explorers approach you with a problem, that's the problem with being the doomguy, everyone knows you're the savior of the universe and wants your help. Anyway, they were seeking an ancient burial site where it is rumored a "blue skull" is buried near Athens. When they approached it they were going to investigate it, but they were immediately attacked by "skeletons". You agree to go check it out and retrieve the skull, the problem is, since you're vacationing, you don't have your deployment gear. Bah, weapons aren't necessary here, how hard could killing a few skeletons be right? You grab your brass knuckles from your survival pack and head towards the valley. Good luck.

Oh yeah, you need CWB texture pack 1, get it here:


the map:

E: Had to fix one thing I didn't notice previously, redownload:
E2: Fixed it so that you can switch the floor multiple times.


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I see. What happens if you press the switch to raise the floor before you go into the other part of the cave?

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Fun map. Normally I don't like tyson gameplay too much but since most of the enemies are demons, PEs and LSs it's pretty fun. Alt texture set really works here, and the blockiness fits the setting. Some more lighting would have been nice but it still looks decent.

Very casual UV max in 17:18: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/attachment.php?postid=1236630

Can't be that hard if I can beat it! Then again I take every opportunity I can to lame it out. Things go a bit wrong at the end when a Pain Elemental escapes through the teleporter, and my plan to telefrag the last AV doesn't work when he decides to start his attack, but other than that it's not a bad run, if not especially exciting.

A few bugs: The HOM from stepping on the cyber platform again. Also you can get stuck between the AV pillar and the stairs to the YK door.

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I dunno, there's not much I do with the chaingun that I couldn't have done with the pistol, but slower. If I were playing with any sense of speed/entertainment value that would be different... a fist-only run would be a lot harder too, maybe I'll try that later.

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