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Is there any Quake or Half Life editors (Other than Hammer) for Windows XP?

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I have been trying to make custom maps for both Quake and Half Life...

After attempting the new "Jackhammer" editor for Quake and Half Life, I was left in a state of both lag and dismay when the thing absolutely annihilated itself multiple times...

Same with Hammer for Half Life...

I was then stuck in a situation, I could:

A: Get a better piece of hardware (You know because we are all made of money)

B: Attempt to make do with something I can't even use (Quite literally, with the Jackhammer editor it just shows me a blank void where the 3D view and map grids should be and Hammer just bombs out on me)

and C: Find a different editor that I can actually use on this piece of shit that I own.

So here is my question, is there any Quake editors that don't require a lot of processing power and can run on XP and is there any (preferably non-steam) Half Life 1 editors I can use that also don't require anything better than an toaster and run on Windows XP?

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Radiant (GTK or any other variants.)

Hammer (3.4, an old non-Steam version. Even Valve's official wiki recommends using this for GoldSrc.)


I recommend Radiant, personally. Most of my experience is with Hammer (from back when it was still Worldcraft - Hammer seems a lot less stable than I remember WC being), though. Not sure about running them on a toaster nowadays, but the PC I ran WC on originally would definitely qualify as one.

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Olde school Valve Hammer, non-Steam version, is my preferred, but--

Bucket said:

QuArK. It's been around forever and supports dozens of games.

That's the one I was going to recommend if not interested in Hammer, though I have very little experience with it.

Trenchbroom looks pretty awesome for Quake editing, for sure.

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Screw hammer, find Worldcraft 2.0. That thing was rock solid, would run on the proverbial toaster and pretty easy to learn.

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