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Teleporting through ACS in GZDoom

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Well, hello guys... I'm gettin a lil trouble trying to teleport the player to a chosen sector through ACS. Can you guis help me?

My idea is that the player - after activate this script - starts to teleport randomly to the sectors marked with the "17" tag at every 10 seconds.

script 4 (void)
    int PreviousTid = ActivatorTid();
    int t = 0;


    while(t != 0) 
        t = 10 - Timer()/35 ;
        HudMessage(d:t/60, s:":", d:(t%60)/10, d:t%10;
                HUDMSG_PLAIN, 1, CR_RED, 0.5, 0.5, 2.0);
        if (t == 0)
Anyway... I just started to play around with ACS so its just probably bad construction here. Can anyone help me?

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According to ZDoom wiki, teleport destination is already randomized if teleport destination spots have same tid and you don't specify any sector on the script. If the player is the activator already, maybe you can try something simpler like:

Teleport (99, 17, 1) // 99 is the tid of all teleport destination spots
delay (350) // this waits for 10 seconds
Teleport (99, 17, 1) // repeat as many times as you want.

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