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When you start a game Doomday Engine disappears.

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I did a clean Install of 1.13.2. When DoomsDay Engine tries to play a game the screen disappears. Like nothing happened. Here's the Doomsday.out file. Let me know what you see. This only happens on Windows 8.1.

Application path: C:\Program Files\Doomsday\Bin\Doomsday.exe
Enabled log entry level: MESSAGE
Created a new 32.0 MB memory volume.
Executable: Doomsday Engine 1.13.2 (Stable 32-bit #1109) Jan 14 2014 08:52:47.
Command line (12 strings):
0: ..\Bin\Doomsday.exe
1: -basedir
2: C:\Program Files\Doomsday/
3: -sfxchan
4: 16
5: -notexcomp
6: -game
7: doom2-plut
8: -iwad
9: C:\Users\Dale_2\Documents\Doomsday Frontend\profiles\plutonia.wad
10: -userdir
11: C:\Users\Dale_2\Documents\Doomsday Frontend\runtime/
RenderSystem: Loading shader definitions from read-only archive entry "data/renderer.pack/
shaders.dei" at path "/data/doomsday.pk3/data/renderer.pack/shaders.dei"
(out of archive in read-only native file "(basedir)\data\doomsday.pk3")
Initializing plugins...
(id:1) dehread
(id:2) doom
(id:3) heretic
(id:4) hexen
(id:5) wadmapconverter
Starting GuiApp event loop...

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