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Hey, this has probably been thought of a thousand times before, but how about a map pack that could reinvent the invasion of Deimos? Have a battle-hardened marine fight his way through it in order to send a distress beacon to Phobos and Earth (leading to the events of Ultimate Doom).

If there is already a map pack of this idea, please send them to me as I'd like the play them. Here's what i've done so far:


Appreciate all the criticism as I've not done this for about 10 years now. Brutal Doom bought me back and I know a lot of you dislike brutal so don't watch if you no likey.

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This is pretty authentic, given that the prequel to Doom was kinda Wolfenstein.

(A bit flat and orthogonal. Didn't watch much though)

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Hey thanks.

Yeah I am working on some stairs leading to the acid pits for additional secrets and I do intend on changing some of the corridors so it's not too flat overall. Appreciate the feedback man!

I'm surprised a Doom 0 theme hasn't been done yet. Considering final doom was made by a load of modders with similar intent. I thought Doom's story was powerful, despite it's release in 1993 and it's lack of depth. It really tests your imagination, especially when I was young and only had a Sega Genesis at the time. There was nothing like it.

I mean, what exactly happened in the first fight? No one knows, all we hear is a mention that Deimos has vanished and there was a message calling for reinforcements. I think this was in the manual, can't remember.

Oh, also if anyone is interested in starting a part-time project let me know!

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