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MPAA Fucks Hotfile

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I just found out my hotfile account was terminated. Much in the same vein as Megaupload.

Anyone hosting anything important? 'Cause you're fucked. Luckily I had nothing substantial. In fact I forgot about it.

Hotfile is responsible for paying the MPAA $80 million in damages.

I predict many U.S. internet companies will start moving overseas to avoid this shit, though escaping the clutches of the U.S. court may be impossible. Places in Eurasia may see an influx of internet companies.

Good ol' cloud storage.

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Coincidence, just 1 minute ago I clicked a hotfile link and saw the message before finding this thread. It was apparently shut down a month ago.

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Honestly I don't care about temporary hosting sites. The only way I feel comfortable with saving my private/important data is a HD stored in a safe place. And if I may suggest, if you do upload your files to the web, make a backup somewhere else. You never know when this will happen again.

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Even the cheapest CDs/DVDs I could buy haven't failed me in the last 10 years. Never bothered with online storage.

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