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Custom music?

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The simple way is to identify which music lumps are already being played in the relevant map slots, intermission, and menu screens, and then replace them with your own music.

Fortunately, this is very simple. Go here and choose the relevant soundtrack.

Then grab the latest build of SLADE 3 and use it to insert some music lump into your mod, and rename them as appropriate.

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codeslicer said:

can this be done with DECORATE lump?

Not really. But you can do it with MAPINFO.
What you'll want to read up on is:
map definition: "Music" and "InterMusic" properties.
gameinfo definition: "finalemusic", "intermissionmusic", and "titlemusic" properties.
intermission definition: "music" property.

Also, you may be interested in MUSINFO and SetMusic if you want to change the music dynamically without changing map. See ZDCMP2 for an example of map which uses that.

codeslicer said:

and would I be able to use WAD mangle?

That? Sure, but it's kind of old. SLADE 3 is a lot more up-to-date, which is why I recommend it. (Also, I work on it, so I'm kinda biased I guess.)

codeslicer said:

Does music track from 2012?

I don't understand the question.

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I use XWE for adding custom MIDIs for Doom 2 wads. Although it is outdated, it still works fine despite the occasional fuck-ups and crashes.

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