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Crispy Doom 5.1 (Update: Jan 13, 2018)

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2 hours ago, fabian said:

I have posted a rather recent built back then in November. Will try to post something new by tomorrow:


Thanks Fabian, that would be awesome!


11 hours ago, VGA said:

I think proper scaling came with the move to SDL2, so ... you will have to hope that something will come from this


Yeah I recall sdl2 brought many improvements to the beta chocdoom, hopefully heretic will benefit from it!

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hey i just started using crispy doom and i am also having the issue with black bars: crispydoom.png

i was able to make them a little smaller as you can see, but is there a way i can remove them all the way and have the game fit the whole screen?

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Not quite so, it's mostly issue #204 in Crispy Doom tracker. Formally, it's extremely easy to "fill" whole screen with game window, but the problem is - not everything easy as expected. In very short words: there are too many graphical elements and technical specifics, which are "binded" to original 320:200 (or even Crispy 640:400) resolution, like status bar, menu elements and many rendering-related things.


Thus, there are a lot of aspects that's should be accounted to make game window friendly with any resolution and more of that - with any aspect ratio.

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