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Crispy Doom 5.10.0 (Update: Jan 12, 2021)

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8 hours ago, chungy said:

Because without aspect correction enabled, it's assumed the primary purpose is to fill the entire monitor the player is using. We had way more requests for doing that compared to forcing a 16:10 aspect ratio. The latter can still be done by disabling aspect correction and enabling integer scaling.


With aspect ratio correction, the only intent is to display Doom as the developers intended it to be displayed, as in 4:3, which causes pillarboxing or letterboxing on monitors that aren't 4:3 (usually pillarboxes as monitors are more often wider than 4:3 rather than taller).


Catering to a wrong aspect ratio is not a goal of Chocolate Doom.

But... At the very least, the old behavior results in a less wrong aspect ratio. Compared to this new behavior, which foregoes all forms of aspect ratio by stretching the output to fill whatever resolution is thrown at it.


Oh well. I play with the corrected pixel aspect ratio anyway, the original behavior still exists, nothing is actually lost here. Just very weird to make this behavior the one that is available via the setup tool, while the old behavior is stuck behind config-editing.

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