Update Feb 10, 2022: Crispy Doom 5.11.1 is released!
Crispy Doom is a friendly fork of Chocolate Doom that provides a higher display resolution, removes the static limits of the Doom engine and offers further optional visual, tactical and physical enhancements while remaining entirely config file, savegame, netplay and demo compatible with the original.   Crispy Doom 5.11 is released on Feb 09, 2022. It marks the return of Crispy Hexen and features highly appreciated community contributions of the past half year. Crispy Doom 5.11.1 is released on Feb 10, 2022. It it a bug-fix release to fix Heretic and Hexen config keys getting lost in setup.   Please visit the Crispy Doom homepage for more information:

Binaries for Windows (x86) are available here:
https://github.com/fabiangreffrath/crispy-doom/releases/download/crispy-doom-5.11.1/crispy-doom-5.11.1-win32.zip https://github.com/fabiangreffrath/crispy-doom/releases/download/crispy-doom-5.11.1/crispy-heretic-5.11.1-win32.zip https://github.com/fabiangreffrath/crispy-doom/releases/download/crispy-doom-5.11.1/crispy-hexen-5.11.1-win32.zip
Have a lot of fun!

- Fabian