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Captain Toenail

Blood Thirst - DM Map

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I have another deathmatch arena for everyone to play.

This is a beta release before I upload to idGames Database (or any good deathmatch compilation projects on the go at the moment in need of a map?) - would appreciate any feedback so i can fix any issues.

It is a vanilla-compatible level replacing Map01, so should run fine in the three main multiplay ports (Odamex, ZDaemon, Zandronum). You will need to enable over/under collision to avoid snagging on the hanging corpses.

Thanks, hope you enjoy the map!



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Hey Captain Toenail, the map is very good. The use of textures are perfect. The BRICK9, GSTONE1 & WOODMET1 are a good mix. The gameplay has a pretty good flow to it (even when using bots). The weapons are well balanced along with health/ammo/DM player starts. The MIDI is nice too. There is really nothing that I can think of that is negative about the map. I think you should find a DM project so you can have this map become more publicized.


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