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Extreme Weapon Pack 1.Pie Arrives!!!

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Hello awesome doomworld community. I've made the most insignificant changes to EWP and here it is!

What was that at the end?... anyways it's so lame it deserves a trailer!

Here is a detailed list of the extreme changes:

- Optimized string theory-holographic logarithm for the
Extreme Vacuuum Cleaner
- A new chocket
- Updated and 100% accurate KONAMI code
- ChameBoy fireballs will not hurt you anymore
- Berserk gives you the manly sensitive fist
- The lamest credit page ever
- A totally new extra hidden weapon hinting something cool

And again, thank you all. Without your help this could not have been as extreme!!!


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It's still only January. I say we start the coup now and have him instated by the end of the week.

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Hahaha oh you guys! :P
Hope you liked the extreme updates :) Stay tuned because something is coming... ho... ho... ho

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