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Long Lost (GZ)DB Plug-in Found: Colour-Coded Height Variation Viewer

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I thought this plug-in should get more exposure, because I absolutely loved it back-when and recently found my old copy of the .dll. It's really useful for checking out your height variation at-a-glance from the map view. I have it bound Shift+H in GZDoombuilder. Example:

pardon the horrible artefacting

Download: HeightLevels_v1.0.zip 17.5kb (ru)

Mirror:HeightLevels.dll - 18kb (my Dropbox)
Author: cybermind
Compatibility: DB2-yes, GZDBr1892-yes

Does anyone know (1), who made this, or (2) if it's currently hosted anywhere else? It would be a shame for such a great plug-in to be lost from memories/HDDs. :^]

EDIT thanks, Memfis!

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It was made by cybermind from the Russian community, it is also available here. (enter captcha and press the green button below to download) It was tested with DB2, not GZDB.

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