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Doom - Evil Unleashed 2.5

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The Shores of Hell – Part 5


The face looked insanely evil. The thing had horns protruding from the back of its head, pointing forward and its terrible eyes lay deep in its ugly, goat-like face. The eyes where dark holes with a small “bead” in each “hole”. I immediately recognized the thing pictured on the green marble wall. It was a goat “demon”, like the two I had fought near the gateway on Phobos.

“So this place has been screwed up by them as well” I mumbled under my breath. The sound of the wind, howling throughout the corridors unsettled me. I heard inhuman sounds in the distance and the typical humming of computer panels was gone. This place had begun to seem less like the Deimos Labs Facility it had seemed like just a minute ago.
I spitted on the wall with the picture of the goat thing’s face on it, holstered my shotgun and pulled out my rocket launcher, folding it out to its full size and raised it, pointing it at the wall, while stepping a few more feet away from it.
After my experience at the Phobos gate, I almost expected that this face would come alive. But nothing happened.

I had just found and cleared the Testing Lab. The room had been bigger than I expected and the place had been swarming with monsters. I had been quick to learn most of the creatures’ weaknesses – most of them were rather predictable, especially the ex-humans and the “bulls”. Unfortunately, the “goats” where less predictable as they were as intelligent as they were tough, so I had reasons to be specially careful if I encountered more of those. But the fiends on Phobos had acted like a kind of guardians, guarding the gateway to Deimos, so I expected that those creatures were posted only as “guards”, defending important things. The one I had encountered at the Refinery had been guarding the control area, so I had to be aware whenever I was looking for something important.

I looked around the corner next to the marble face and saw a door. I cautiously approached it. A small thought entered my mind. The marble face could have a certain meaning to it.
I pulled the handle and leapt back, gripping the launcher with both hands.

I was met with a horrific roar – one which I had heard before. A couple feet away from me stood one of those nightmarish goats.
Even though I had suspected the presence of this thing I was still surprised at how close it was to me. I reacted too late as the thing sent a glowing bolt of goo into my chest. It sizzled and a dark-green smoke arose from the scorched mark on my armor vest. I winced, gritting my teeth tightly as I felt an insane pain in my chest – this was far worse than getting burned by fire. The goo was apparently a sort of acid combined with a sort of fire which caused my flesh to rot. I could feel a terrible stench of burnt flesh – my own flesh.
I was able to withstand the enormous pain and hobbled behind cover, dodging the bolts, which the monster hurled at me, and pumping two rockets into the minotaur-like beast’s midsection. I could hear the fiend’s hooves against the blue, metallic floor as it drew closer to my position. It thought that I was too weak to fight back. It was deeply wrong, for although the burned wound in the chest hurt a lot, I was a tough guy, who was used to ignoring pain and I was indeed capable of ignoring the burning pain in my chest, as my hatred towards the monstrosities was currently as strong as ever. I leapt to my feet and backed away as the clopping of hooves drew closer. I fired a rocket at the monster as it rounded the corner, its leg exploded in a flash of orange light and the leg disappeared in a cloud of green blood. It fell to the ground with a roar of pain and the floor shook as its heavy body landed.
I finished it off with three more rockets.
“Damn these things are solid!” I snarled, my face still distorted in pain. Now the fight was over, I noticed that I was bleeding out of my nose and mouth. Shit! I thought. I’ve got internal bleedings! I need one of those “miracle”-healing drugs now!

I went inside the room where the creature was residing before I disturbed it. A mangled body of a scientist hung on the wall next to a lift from a rusty chain. His feet had been torn off revealing the bones of the man’s lower legs. His guts had been torn out and was spread all over the floor near the body, his eyes had been perforated and the rest of his face torn to shreds. I gave the body a short look.
“The dead cannot be saved and are therefore not worthy of your attention” was what our drill instructor back home used to say. And we had seen a lot of mutilation before. I had once found the handiwork of a sick, Satanist mass murderer. The corpse had been stripped naked and hung upside down on a downward cross. Its tongue had been cut out and the man’s hands, feet and “unmentionables” had all been nailed to the cross with knives.
Luckily, I had a strong stomach and after seeing this horribly maltreated victim, I was never bothered by even the most heinously mutilated corpses I came to see later.

Seeing this body brought back the memories of that first encounter with the sickness of mad Satanism.

I found a yellow keycard beneath the mangled body and picked it up.
Not thinking clearly, I returned to the Testing Lab instead of investigating the building further in search of some sort of medical supplies.

In the lab I slipped the card into a slot next to the computer. I now got access to a lot of information. I skipped through it all until I found what I was looking for.

The ZT09 drug is the most advanced healing drug, ever created. Test results showed an incredible healing rate. Subjects got fully healed after just one to three minutes.

ZT09 has yet another beneficial effect. It boosts the user’s strength, approximately by five times. Unfortunately, it has one potentially dangerous side effect: It makes the user extremely aggressive, giving the user a kind of “berserker rage”, which depending on the user’s personality could pose a serious threat to the safety of other personnel.
It is as of yet not determined exactly how long the boosting effect lasts, as it varies from time to time, but it seems to last from everything between 10 minutes to half an hour.

Current status: The military is extremely interested and we are working on the drug, trying to remove the ‘berserker rage’ effect. We have stored syringes with the drug in small, special black boxes, marked with a red cross and placed them at emergency stations throughout the base, because the enormous healing effect of the drug is deemed useful when serious accidents occur as most other medical means are not always sufficient.

Interesting! I thought after reading the text. This could come in handy, when it comes to squashing these fiendfaces!
Realizing that the probability of finding any of my buddies alive was so small, I hoped that the ‘berserker rage’ effect was more likely to aid me rather than harm me as I was alone, surrounded by hostile creatures – creatures which seemed to have come from nightmares.
A surge of pain went through my body, reminding me that I needed medical treatment badly.

I searched the dimly lit testing lab a bit more carefully than last time.
Having found no ‘berserk packs’, I began to become desperate. It would seem that my buddies had taken all of the packs.
It occurred to me that some of the guards stationed at the Deimos base could have used all the ‘berserk’ injections when all Hell broke loose. I moved on, still with my eyes open for any black boxes marked with a red cross – and I needed medical treatment badly.

I returned to the lift where I had found the keycard. I rode the lift to the next floor and proceeded down a hallway, which made bends all the time. I could hear an odd scraping sound and as I rounded a corner I saw what made the sound: Two heavy blocks where moving constantly up and down. They would crush me if I weren’t careful. I pulled out my chain gun. I didn’t have too many bullets left for it, but it would be safest for me to have it ready, if something mean was waiting around the corner past the crushing ceilings. I slipped beneath the first block, just as it moved upwards, waited for the second one to touch the blood-spattered floor. I noticed the squished, meaty remains of an unidentifiable corpse under the second crusher. I rolled under the next one as it moved upwards and suddenly found myself face-to-face with a big, ugly, one-eyed face – one of those spiky, floating heads hovering inches above the floor. I gritted my teeth, feeling the burn in my chest sting, and pumped a swarm of caliber 5.56 into the thing’s mouth. I continued firing until it fell apart on the floor. I leapt around the corner, prepared to face more monsters, but the hallway was empty.
I proceeded cautiously and rounded yet another corner. I was greeted by a loud hiss and another “Cyclops floater” approached me. I noticed two burning skull things behind it.
I let the chain gun do the talking for me.
The big-mouthed monstrosity gurgled with pain as several rounds pounded into its slimy flesh, but suddenly my gun went silent apart from the metallic whirring sound of the gun’s spinning barrels. My ammo counter at the far left of my Heads Down Display showed a flashing red ‘0’. I had run out of bullets. I leapt aside as a ball of lightning flew at me. I felt a twinge in my chest and coughed up a bit more blood.
I didn’t want to go down without a fight, so I gritted my teeth, threw the empty chain gun aside on the floor and whipped out my shotgun.
The monster came into view and I fired, pumping a few shells into it before it died.
I finished off the two “screamers” as I had nicknamed the floating skulls. And moved on cautiously.

The floating terrors had been guarding a raised path, leading across a pool of toxic waste – I had already noticed before that the toxic waste in this facility was leaking.
The toxic levels were currently low, which was a good thing, as most of the building would probably have been flooded with toxic waste if the levels had been higher.

This place just didn’t look like a modern scientific facility – rather like some twisted, messed up deathtrap, which looked a bit like a human space station.
Across the pool was a raised plateau with the remnants of a closet, with the symbol for biologic hazards stamped on it. Doubtless a closet holding an environment suit, or rather, had held an environment suit as the closet has been broken up. I looked down into the murky pool. Something caught my attention. Peering closer, I saw the body of a marine. He was lying on a small platform, which was just above the surface of the toxic goo. He was halfway inside an environment suit.
Apparently, he had tried to put it on, but hadn’t zipped up, before he met his fate – possibly killed by the one-eyed “pumpkin”. I jumped down onto the platform and pulled off the green environment suit.
After slipping into the suit, I investigated the corpse. I found a few bullets on him, but also something, which I hadn’t expected to find here.
A black box, with a red cross on it – a so-called ‘berserk’ pack!

Relieved from the realization that I had found something to treat my wound with, I opened the box and saw a black syringe resting inside a case, with a refrigerating device to keep it cooled down. I gave myself a quick injection without hesitation.

I was overwhelmed by a powerful sensation.
I felt the blood in my veins flow faster and I was shaking violently, yet the feeling wasn’t unpleasant. I felt stronger. A lot stronger. I felt enormously refreshed too, not feeling so tired anymore.
I also felt an anger I had never before felt and my mind was filled with thoughts of Death and Destruction.

I wanted to kill. Kill like I had never been lusting for before. Despite the uncontrollable bloodlust, which I felt, I was also able to think clearly, especially because the sharp pain in my chest had left my body. I felt as if I had never been hit by the goat fiend’s green goo, but when I looked down, I could still see the scorched mark on my combat vest. My Heads Down display also stated that my armor had been damaged. But the vest was still useful.

Feeling stronger than ever before, I waded through the slime and went down a flooded hallway.
I suddenly stopped dead in my tracks. I noticed something blurry move a distance ahead of me. A spectre!
I moved closer to it, but it didn’t seem to move in my direction. It was rather moving away from me.
I pursued the thing until the hallway ended in a larger pool with an island in the middle. I found myself in a familiar looking place – the area near the Testing Lab, where I had found info on the ‘berserk’ drug. This place was flooded with slime as well. I had only just been able to leap over to the “island” in the middle of the toxic waste pool without getting hurt, when I went past this place last time.
I heard a sound to my left and turned quickly. I saw a burly, transparent, shadowy shape just in front of me, rushing right at me.
My reaction came immediately and I hurled my left fist with the knuckle-duster at it, without thinking.
My fist hammered right through its skin with enormous force. I heard the sound of a skull breaking. The monster fell backwards into the pool. It was dead, killed by one single punch. This was where I realized that I had just found a tremendously effective weapon against both spectres and “pinky bulls”.
I heard several inhuman screams around me. I recognized the sounds of spectres and “pinkys” and they came from all around me.
I waited calmly for them to attack.


Hauser ran down the hallway. The interior of the hallway was lit by rows of flashing, red warning lights beneath the dark gray ceiling.
The Colonel was terrified. Never in his life had he been so frightened. Seeing the monsters mutilate his troops far away on the monitor was one thing, knowing that they were inside the same base as oneself was an entirely different experience.

He had seen on his monitor how the monsters had rushed out of the landing pod and slaughtered anyone in sight. The more animal-like horrors were followed by reanimated humans. Hauser had seen a few former humans leap out of the cockpits of the two APLPs and join the bloody frenzy.

The Colonel had clearly underestimated these monsters. They used the former humans to operate human machinery and use the technology against humans. The former humans had piloted the APLPs and brought the monstrosities to the Mars base to wreak havoc.

The only thing he could think of right now was to run. His heart pounded like mad and he was sweating. He could hear the screams of the dying people and the roaring of the aliens behind him.
His feet made a rhythmical, metallic click-clack sound on the grooved metal floor and he breathed rapidly.

This can’t be happening! his voice screamed inside his head, while running down the corridors. Oh God what have we done, what have we done!

He suddenly stopped. He was exhausted from running. He hadn’t been running this fast since he was a young soldier and the physical exertion had worn him down completely. A thought entered his mind.
The emergency shuttle..!
He needed to get to the emergency shuttle. Unfortunately, that meant that he had to head back to the place where the monsters were, but he didn’t have much of a choice. He let out a heavy sigh and tried to steel himself as best as he could. He turned around and headed back from where he came, trying in vain to gather his shredded courage.


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Crendowing's banned and he never got around to releasing his e1m8 story before his ban.

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Nice work, DSM - i had to go over some bits a few times to understand, but aside from that it's excellent. Follows the missions nicely.

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Where did you have trouble understanding things?

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"The goo seemingly combined an acid with a sort of decaying fire. I could feel a terrible stench of burnt flesh – my own flesh"

I was a bit confused about the 'decaying fire' bit. The other bits i noticed are very slight grammatical problems, mainly some overused words - but i'm no better myself :) i've counted shitloads of mistakes in my work.

Again, aside from this it's an excellent piece of work and i'm looking forward to reading the rest!
I'm working on the next part of The Underworld story, mainly cuz i'm getting a bit stuck with building the actual levels the story is based on!
Later dude.

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Humm, I don't know how to explain it better in the story, but what it basically means is that it's slime covered in green fire. My idea is that this green fire is fire formed of pure evil and decay - the fire basically causes decay.
Any ideas on how to express it in a way that can be understood?

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How about this :

"The mere presence of the goo nauseated him - burning like acid, bathed in green fire, and reeking of decay"

Could probably be worked on further, it's just off the top of my head.

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Hm, not quite what I had in mind, but good idea none the less.
Anyway, I came up with a solution - it doesn't "sound" quite as good, but at least it should be understandable.

About grammar errors: Damn these pesky bastards always evade me!

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Yeah i know what you mean, i've just picked up on a few more (my wife has better eyes than me, i guess :)). I've worked an extra character into the underworld for a bit of dialogue, what did you think?

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He lost his mod status for a few days and then he got banned.

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Insomniac said:

woah, slow down,

Cren's been BANNED??

jesus, i just thought he lost his mod status.

He's now moved on to Doom Center. You should post there, there's been a recent influx of DWers due to Cren's tirades over there.

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oh never seen the last one, atleast his banning makes sence now.

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