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RPG and special HUD effects

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Hello I would like to know how to add new HUD to a doom .wad\doom2.wad and how. Also I would like to know how to add RPG-like elements (think Borderlands) Like Stronghold of Chaos, but without the maps.

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I'll answer you just briefly.

First, don't alter your DOOM.WAD or DOOM2.WAD anyhow. Make your custom .wad with nothing in it initially.

To put a HUD into your custom .wad, use SLADE3 to put the respective graphic in. The name of this graphic is STBAR. I assume you'll rip it from another .wad using SLADE 3 too.

Something like RPG elements are a very complex thing to make. If you want to get into modding, I can't do other than wish you good luck and direct you to the ZDoom wiki pages about DECORATE and ACS, the powerful modding tools for ZDoom which allows you to do nearly everything you can imagine - if you know how. Learning them is, well, kinda essential for any more complex changes to gameplay.

EDIT: Well, if you want your new HUD to not just look, but also behave differently, there's another text-based scripting tool, SBARINFO. I see it just like another complication.

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