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Kontra Kommando

How do I get this Custom Attack to Work Flawlessly?

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XEND G 6 A_CustomComboAttack(A_SargAttack,32, 3 * random(1, 8), "xen/melee")

It works fine as it is, however, when loading GZDoom, it shows up as a warning.

I want my custom monster to do the Pinky Demon's attack, while making a custom sound. "A_SargAttack" is not the proper way to input it I guess; because that's what is showing up as a warning. Like I said, it works fine in the game, but the warning when it starts up urks me.

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What are you trying to do exactly? A_CustomComboAttack's first parameter is for a missile type. So here you're telling ZDoom that there's a missile called A_SargAttack... Of course that won't work.

If you don't want to use a combo missile+melee attack and only want melee, then use A_CustomMeleeAttack instead. See here for other generic monster attack functions.

As always, never be afraid to look things up in the wiki.

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Try A_CustomMeleeAttack instead if all you want is a close range attack.

A_CustomComboAttack is for attacks which produce a ranged or melee attack, like the Barons do.

edit: Beaten!

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I'm learning the scripting stuff as I go; I'm more of an artist than a computer wiz. I first think up the ideas in my head, accomplish what I can, and then try to dig around for whatever I am ignorant of. I actually did try the wiki, but couldn't find what I was looking for; looks like I missed it.

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