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Professor Sir

Is there an editing program made specifically for weapon modification?

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I've never been big on mapping and never released any maps I made. Instead I've been wanting to make a weapon mod. However, DECORATE is too much for my laziness.
Is there a program specifically for weapons? If not, is there one that makes weapons mods easier?

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Nope! You want to either use the definitions language in EDGE, EE or ZDoom-based ports (so DECORATE and other ports' rough equivalent thereof) or have an either harder time doing it in DeHackEd or .bex patches. The hard part is making graphics, TBH. The scripting is very easy to pick up, particularly with DECORATE and the extensive wiki documentation it has.

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WhackEd is great for editing weapons on a basic level through a dehacked/bex patch, as mentioned above - It only took me a few minutes when I was about 12 years old, and I still remember how to work it all 10 years later.

A lot of people will call me an outdated fool, but I still use XWE for editing sprites. Photoshop and GIMP can help you out there if you have any interest in modifying existing sprites.

There are sprite resources out there, I reccomend checking out /idgames for sprite WADs that allow reuse. The Doom Alphas also have some unused gun sprites, but we've all seen them before. Maybe using them in combination with Photoshop could get you some nice results.

Hope this helps in some way :)

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Decorate gives you the flexibility and awesomeness you need to create new weapons.
I had no idea about anything but with practice and tons of info found here you'll be creating weapons in no time.

Also, download as many weapon wads as you can and peek the code using Slade3 or something. Best way to learn!

You can also check out this video I made about converting pics to sprites:

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