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Sky not displaying correctly.

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Hi there! I am having trouble with some skies not showing up correctly in game when editing. I am currently using Doom 2, Skulltag_Data and actors in my resources so I can tailor my map to the game mode I want, but, when I try and use a sky that is supplied within Skulltag_data it doesn't display it as a sky box does it need to be renamed F_SKY1? Surely it should display it as a sky box anyway? Or am I missing out a vital step? Thank you.

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Are you using a MAPINFO lump to assign the sky to the map?

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Yeah... you can't just apply a texture to the ceiling and expect it to display as a sky just because said texture looks like a sky.

F_SKY1 simply tells the game to render the surface it's applied to as a sky; renaming the lump won't fix anything. As Gez says, you have to define the sky graphic in MAPINFO, or alternatively create a skybox.

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