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Project Uber (1.7)

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Oh okay, here's some features of this mod:

  • As stated, you collect score. If you get enough score, you are awarded with stuff!
  • Get score from secrets, attacking golden revenants, or picking up score that monsters drop before it disappears.
  • Difficulty ahoy! This mod is pretty tough, especially on the last two difficulties. Try the first two difficulties first.
  • Difficulties change more than just health and damage of enemies. They will also add stuff like more projectiles, new attacks and special abilities, extra speed (mostly for melee enemies), and other things. There are quite some nasty new tricks awaiting in the harder difficulties, some downright mean. Can you handle it?
  • Bombs. If you're in a bit of a pickle, use bombs to give you a temporary upgrade.
  • Maps are based off scrapped maps, thanks to Memfis, megalyth, snnnnori, Paul corfiatis and msscraps.zip
  • Jumping and crouching is needed.

So, how much score can ya get? Do share how much you got in the end!

CHOOSE BETWEEN TWO CLASSES: Captain Akimbo, or Hardy!
Information about these classes can be found here: http://logicobscure.wikidot.com/project-uber




Alternatively, here's ModDB:


And Dropbox:


Some tips!


- "Extra max health" items also heal you up fully, so you can save it for later.
- Captain Akimbo's pistols do more damage up close, rewarding the player with extra damage if he risks getting up close.
- While in the beta phase, a friend showed some mistakes I did that would allow the player to skip ahead unintentionally. A map exploit, if you will. I decided to make it where you get a bunch of score if you manage to find one!



1.7 Changelog:
- ADDED: In map03, some extra rooms with an autosave in them have been added.

- FIXED: In map06 after the first phase of the final boss, there was an
         elevator that only worked once, which could cause the player to
         get stuck if they miss it.
- FIXED: If the final boss died from a projectile that wasn't yours (such as
         hardy's butter demon minions), then you wouldn't get teleported to
         the ending.

- CHANGED: Score cannot be destroyed with doors or crushers.         
- CHANGED: After the final fight in level 3, you can go back and explore
           the level to find stuff.
- CHANGED: Captain Akimbo's shotguns are slightly faster.
- CHANGED: The rocket from the Captain Akimbo's rocket launcher is faster and
           deals less damage to him.
- CHANGED: Benellus's shotguns have slightly less spread.      
- CHANGED: Many tweaks and slight nerfs to many enemies.

- REMOVED: The optional score imps have been removed, this was an idea that 
           was rather shoehorned in and its kind of dumb.
           Now instead, there's more score around to pick up.


1.6 Changelog:
-ADDED: Hardy is (mostly) complete! New weapons 'n stuff!
-FIXED: Grenades from a paladin had Hardy's barrel graphics.
-FIXED: A secret in map05 was not available on any difficult besides hard.
-CHANGED: Bunch of balance changes, high tier enemies have less health, some enemy
          projectiles are slower, hardy takes less damage from his own weapons, more
          max ammo for hardy, time freeze on hardy's bomb lasts longer, and a bunch
          of other things I forgot.
-CHANGED: On harder difficulties, uber revenants will only spawn a decoy once.
          After it spawns the decoy, the uber revenant no longer reacts to pain.

-CHANGED: Several things, such as the final boss and the golden skeletons, are
          now unaffected by Hardy's time freeze.
- MISC: Fixed some credits


1.5 Changelog

- ADDED: New player class: Hardy! Still WIP, needs testing and more stuff added.


- CHANGED: Captain Akimbo's BFG fire is cheaper in ammo but weaker.
- CHANGED: Captain Akimbo's melee is now a double punch attack, since Hardy has the attack that uses health as ammo now.
- CHANGED: Captain Akimbo's berserk upgrades the punch attack into double chainsaws!
- CHANGED: Berserk expires after some use, captain akimbo's berserk has been buffed.

- CHANGED: The mod is a bit easier, monsters do less damage on the first three difficulties, some monsters are absent from the first two difficulties.
- CHANGED: The final boss has been extended slightly.

- MISC: Fixed some credits


1.4 Changelog
ADDED: BFG sprites and animation, missing alt fire animation though.
ADDED: Epilogue
ADDED: New sprites for the final boss
ADDED: Starting at 100,000 score, hitting a score milestone will also provide you with a backpack.
ADDED: Fancy bullet impacts
ADDED: Decals for weapons and enemies

1.3 Changelog
CHANGED: Benellus powerup now lasts 12 seconds instead of 10
CHANGED: Pinky demons provide score now.
CHANGED: Ghost revenant decoys (Only in hard difficulty) no longer have +NOCLIP on them.
CHANGED: Barrels are nearly immune to Cap'n Akimbo's altfire projectile, now you can move barrels and fireblu cubes around. They also violently shake when they're about to explode.

CHANGED: Harlequins have their health reduced, making it easier to gain the extra score.
CHANGED: Final boss has 17000 health instead of 30000, how it was THAT high I will never know.

REMOVED: Bonus points for not losing any health or not using bombs, seemed way too difficult to try that.

ADDED: Decided to add back a menu that appeared in private betas
ADDED: UBER score! Worth 5,000 points!
ADDED: Obituraries added to many enemies.
ADDED: More secrets!
ADDED: Originally, you couldn't get out the second half of level 5 and return to the first half. Now there's a teleporter back, incase you missed anything.

ADDED: The final boss could easily be destroyed with a bfg up close, now it has a special attack if you're too close.
ADDED: Speaking of BFGs, the akimbo bfgs are here!
ADDED: New enemy: The enemy, there's only three of them in the entire wad, they will drop a special item for your class.
For captain akimbo, it's rare ammo used for the akimbo bfg's altfire, use wisely.

FIXED: Benellus no longer has a red screen flash when damaged
FIXED: Many errors in the console were fixed, unknown textures and some decorate mistakes were taken care of

1.2 Changelog
- Captain Akimbo's BOMB item has been replaced, temporarily turn into Benellus, the god of shotguns!
- Optional minibosses were added to map03 and map05
- Map03 has been slightly extended for the miniboss
- High tier and boss enemies will no longer have Xdeath. (You can't gib 'em basically.)
- It is easier to gib an enemy now.
- Many new gibbing animations. Thanks to cap'n of the J.
- Barrels have been added, hooray!

1.1 Changelog
-ADDED: Fixed some bloodcolors on some enemies, such as blue blood on cacodemons.
-ADDED: Several new props were added to map03.
-CHANGED: Pistol altfire is stronger, both on normal and berserk mode.
-CHANGED: Fusionar sprites
-FIXED: Several texture mistakes and misalignments here and there.
-FIXED: Melee revenants were slower on harder difficulties.
-FIXED: Map05 had a script that did not execute, thus making it impossible to continue on.
-MISC: Added some forgotten credits, such as Paul Corfiatis. (Map04 was built off of here --- https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/0-9/0scraps )


Edited by Darsycho

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How much "finished" do the unfinished maps need to be?

If not even nearly 20%, I may have some for you.

EDIT: So will you finish them, or use them as they are?

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scifista42 said:

How much "finished" do the unfinished maps need to be?

If not even nearly 20%, I may have some for you.

A single room is good enough, as long as the map has SOME detail in it. :v

scifista42 said:

EDIT: So will you finish them, or use them as they are?

EDIT: i'll finish them

EDIT 2: most maps are basically abandoned rooms Frankenstein'd together :P

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Detail won't be a problem, I often detail maps too early and then the result shows. Uglyness and unpolishedness will be the problems. I assume that it this project it totally doesn't matter, so expect a PM from me. :)

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did i forget something?
oh yeah
i forget to bump this

A 3-map demo will be released on april 20th, along with surprise bonus.

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Crazy stuff in the spirit of Beyond Reality, I've actually enjoyed it, as it wasn't a complete randomness (like your other gameplay mod), but "a craziness set in an interesting Doom-like world". Really, it was pleasant to explore the environment made of map scraps, it didn't even feel too inconsistent (madness is an effective unifying theme, I have to admit). Weapons, monsters, but even such things as detail, balance and flow got me impressed. However, I still cannot take this mod too seriously to not cheat in it, it's die-resurrect-die-resurrect with no shame (I apologize anyway). It wasn't hard, I just felt like carelessly rushish around, the wad really motivates to do so. Once again and overally, nice thing. :)

Obviously I'm not giving a throughout playtesting analysis, I don't do it even normally, but with your mod in particular, I don't really believe you'd need it for extra polish. :p

P.S. I stopped playing after encountering the nonfunctional red teleporter pad, I didn't find what to do next.

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scifista42 said:
P.S. I stopped playing after encountering the nonfunctional red teleporter pad, I didn't find what to do next.

that was suppose to be the exit. :v

Map01 is fine, it's just the further maps that weren't so great.

thanks for playing btw

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Oof, forgot about this thread.
But yeah, the mod has been out for a bit, with 1.3 being released recently.

New first post, download link is there, and stuff.

I still got one more level to go, so if you have any scrapped maps or anything, feel free to PM me!

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Project Uber textfile">

* Copyright / Permissions *

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial
4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit

You are free to copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format;
and remix, transform, and build upon the material. If you do so, you must
give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if
changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way
that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. You may not use the
material for commercial purposes.

I understand it as that you don't need to explicitly ask for permission to use this mod's resources, as long as you comply with the constraints written here.

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