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Replaced music from "Megasonic023" 's Hell Revealed playthough

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I meet Megasonic023/Nevan from his Hell Revealed playthough years ago. Some of his playthough used various music from other wads and games, however I don't know where it from. I wonder if anyone know the origin of those music.

All his Hell Revealed playthough can be find in his Megasonic023 youtube channel.

Map01 - From dwango1?
Map06 - ???
Map10 - I heard this music from a song but I forgot its name.
Map14 - From Megaman X: Boomer Kuwanger(Tower Stage)
Map16 - ???
Map19 - ???
Map20 - From Duke Nukem 3D "Plasma", same as Alien Vendetta Map10
Map21 - ???
Map22 - ???
Map23 - From dwango1?
Map25 - ???
Map26 - From Memento Mori 2 Map07
Map27 - ???
Map28 - ???

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