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Me and unholypimpin decided to make a gameplay mod, which first started out as a mod inspired by SHOTGUNS, but ended up adding more and more stuff to it.


 - All sorts of new and bizarre weapons to use and monsters to fight!
 - A more organized randomization, where all monsters/weapons of the same monster/weapon type are replaced with another monster/weapon type.
 - Options such as infinite pistol, enabling uber cubes to appear, and individual monster randomization!
 - Using absolutely nothing but code. basically this idea: http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=25616
 - Because of that, the file size is teeny tiny!

I recommend only using vanilla/boom maps!


DOWNLOAD HEER - https://darsycho.itch.io/modohfun


A few known issues at the moment:


-It only runs with doom2.wad, because it does not work with doom 1 all that well, however.... I completely forgot that plutonia and tnt were options too. Whoops. That'll be addressed in 2.2
(This can be fixed by going into the .pk3, and deleting "IWAD = DOOM2.WAD" in MAPINFO.)


-This mod sometimes breaks zdoom maps, sometimes monsters are suppose to spawn which you are suppose to kill, but they never actually spawn.

Wiki page with some info on monsters n stuff! http://logicobscure.wikidot.com/modohfun
Enjoy, have fun.


Edited by Darsycho

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Added monsters
-RocketPunch Revenant
-SpiderMaster Destroyer
-Hellsworn Marine

Added weapons
-Plasmarifle Shooter

More stuffz to come =D

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Alright, alpha is up.

Anything annoying, stupid, overpowered, underpowered, bugged, or other negative things?
Got any suggestions on how to make it better? Or some ideas to add more fun to this?
Let me know, I'm all ears.


Also, remember to check out alt-fires!

Known Issues:

- Most likely the balance is all over the place.
- The cacolauncher's altfire, thanks to a_explode, can make you fly upward, still trying to make it where you're not affected by the explosive radius.
- A few errors will pop up in the console.
- Probably a quadrillion more issues. :V 
Enjoy, have fun, and criticize me ya dooshbargs.

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When DeHackEd first came out there were all these random patches that made Doom nonsensical and crazy. This reminds me of that, taken up a notch. It kind of melts my brain a little.

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I am sorry, but to be honest, I can no longer be so easily convinced to respect a prominent quality of a dadaistic piece of work. My default opinion is "total randomness = nothing specially awesome", and you'd need to provide very strong arguments to disprove this for your particular work, which you didn't. The arguments can't be just "there's even more total randomness".

I am not really complaining, though, and if I sounded like if I was complaining, I apologize. Your work is very interesting at least (but also "at best"). I just don't see the charm of randomness as an art that can anyhow overcome the "true" art. Therefore I say: Nice, mind-blowing, interesting, a bit funny, I smiled. But I just don't understand people who can go so far to say: "The best ever, top quality, award winning".

You did and are doing a good job, I like your results, allowing me to completely separate off my known reality for a couple moments. I'll never enjoy randomness for more than a couple moments though. I hope you understand this. That said, I can't really criticize any part of your work in particular, because my judgement comes from the principle itself.

Thank you for what kind of stuff you're doing, jack101!

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Alwaysdoomed said:

I wanted to add more monsters and s h i t but jack kinda surprise alpha released this before I got the chance to.

sowwy. :c
i kept making promises of release so....

i'll let you decide when the next alpha will be released TO MAKE IT UP FER YA! :V

scifista42 said:

But I just don't understand people who can go so far to say: "The best ever, top quality, award winning".

Jokes probably.
I'd love to see somebody hating on this and giving me reasons why they hate it, cuz I grow bored of the lack of criticism I get. xP

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