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ModOhFun! :)

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Me and unholypimpin decided to make a gameplay mod, which first started out as a mod inspired by SHOTGUNS, but ended up adding more and more stuff to it.


 - All sorts of new and bizarre weapons to use and monsters to fight!
 - A more organized randomization, where all monsters/weapons of the same monster/weapon type are replaced with another monster/weapon type.
 - Options such as infinite pistol, enabling uber cubes to appear, and individual monster randomization!
 - Using absolutely nothing but code. basically this idea: http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=25616
 - Because of that, the file size is teeny tiny!



DOWNLOAD HEER - https://darsycho.itch.io/modohfun


I recommend only using vanilla/boom maps!

Mods that may not work with ModOhFun! properly:


Scythe X (Killing the cyberdemon on map10 does not open the bars)


Wiki page with some info on monsters n stuff! http://logicobscure.wikidot.com/modohfun
Enjoy, have fun.


Edited by Darsycho

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Added monsters
-RocketPunch Revenant
-SpiderMaster Destroyer
-Hellsworn Marine

Added weapons
-Plasmarifle Shooter

More stuffz to come =D

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Alright, alpha is up.

Anything annoying, stupid, overpowered, underpowered, bugged, or other negative things?
Got any suggestions on how to make it better? Or some ideas to add more fun to this?
Let me know, I'm all ears.


Also, remember to check out alt-fires!

Known Issues:

- Most likely the balance is all over the place.
- The cacolauncher's altfire, thanks to a_explode, can make you fly upward, still trying to make it where you're not affected by the explosive radius.
- A few errors will pop up in the console.
- Probably a quadrillion more issues. :V 
Enjoy, have fun, and criticize me ya dooshbargs.

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When DeHackEd first came out there were all these random patches that made Doom nonsensical and crazy. This reminds me of that, taken up a notch. It kind of melts my brain a little.

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I am sorry, but to be honest, I can no longer be so easily convinced to respect a prominent quality of a dadaistic piece of work. My default opinion is "total randomness = nothing specially awesome", and you'd need to provide very strong arguments to disprove this for your particular work, which you didn't. The arguments can't be just "there's even more total randomness".

I am not really complaining, though, and if I sounded like if I was complaining, I apologize. Your work is very interesting at least (but also "at best"). I just don't see the charm of randomness as an art that can anyhow overcome the "true" art. Therefore I say: Nice, mind-blowing, interesting, a bit funny, I smiled. But I just don't understand people who can go so far to say: "The best ever, top quality, award winning".

You did and are doing a good job, I like your results, allowing me to completely separate off my known reality for a couple moments. I'll never enjoy randomness for more than a couple moments though. I hope you understand this. That said, I can't really criticize any part of your work in particular, because my judgement comes from the principle itself.

Thank you for what kind of stuff you're doing, jack101!

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Alwaysdoomed said:

I wanted to add more monsters and s h i t but jack kinda surprise alpha released this before I got the chance to.

sowwy. :c
i kept making promises of release so....

i'll let you decide when the next alpha will be released TO MAKE IT UP FER YA! :V

scifista42 said:

But I just don't understand people who can go so far to say: "The best ever, top quality, award winning".

Jokes probably.
I'd love to see somebody hating on this and giving me reasons why they hate it, cuz I grow bored of the lack of criticism I get. xP

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*Dusts off thread*

Been quite a longass time since I updated this thread, loooooooots of shit has been added since then.


Today is the release of the ULTIMATE version of ModOhFun!, any release after this will only be for bug fixes and tweaks.




Many Screenshots!







Many Changes!


ModOhFun! v3.0:
- ADDED: Even MORE weapons and uber cube spawns.
         There are now over 15 different uber cubes to come across.
- ADDED: New bosses, now the enemy list is complete, with every enemy having
         3 enemies to choose from. (except for the demon/spectre, which has 6)
- CHANGED: You can only carry one slot 8 weapon now.
- CHANGED: Tier 2 and tier 3 ubercubes have a small chance of dropping a tier 1 cube on death
- CHANGED: The shotsaw is now a regular SSG replacement, rather than a uber cube weapon.
- CHANGED: Super boxes (A demon replacement) no longer appear outside of uber cubes, as they were
           too similar to super trees. They're now replaced with a boy and his dogs.
- CHANGED: Even more enemies have been recolored or has new sprites to help distinguish them from
           items and decoration.
- CHANGED: Magic weapons can raise totems from a further range now.
- CHANGED: The nova knight has been replaced with something more interesting and threatening.       

- FIXED: A fucking lot of HUD mistakes...
- FIXED: Cleaned up most of the errors displayed in console
- FIXED: If pistol was set to infinite, it still would not fire the gun if you didn't
         have any bullets left.

- ADDED (temporarily): In later versions of gzdoom, lowering a weapon with a special
                       weapon description will crash the game. It's suppose to clear
                       the text when lowering, and it doesn't crash in earlier versions
                       of gzdoom, so I don't know what's up with that.
                       So for now, here's an option to disable the text clearing.
                       If anyone has an idea as to why this happens, please let me know.


ModOhFun! v2.2:
- ADDED: New uber weapons, along with new uber cube spawns.
- ADDED: New difficulty modes, which has normal doom monsters instead of randomized ones.
         Uber cubes will still spawn if enabled.

- CHANGED: Infinite pistol is no longer a seperate weapon you start with, instead
           you can swap between infinite and normal pistol at any time.
- CHANGED: Psychic punch for infinite pistol now turns the infinite pistol into
           a sniper rifle, giving it extremely accurate shots and higher damage.
- CHANGED: The Big Explodey Gun's radius damage now works against boss monsters.
- CHANGED: The plasma archdemon (red cyberdemon) will now only teleport on pain
           when it has less than 1500 health.
- CHANGED: Backpacks now have a small chance of spawning a tier 2 uber cube.
- CHANGED: A tier 2 cube will also have a chance of spawning where a BFG is.

- FIXED: Mangiant's slaves can no longer use teleporters.
- FIXED: Gave the upside down cacodemon new sprites, instead of using negative scaling.
         I've noticed in a live stream by Mr Icarus that in a gzdoom version he was
         using, the cacodemon's sprite offset was way off, making it appear as if it
         were invisible.

- REMOVED: Wolfenstein SS and Commander keen replacements, so that mods like
           scythe 2 would work better with this.
- REMOVED: Automatically selecting doom2.wad as the iwad, completely forgot about
           plutonia and tnt being an option too. whoops.
--- KNOWN ISSUE: Still have a problem where this mod sometimes breaks 
                 maps, sometimes monsters are suppose to spawn which you are 
                 suppose to kill, but they never actually spawn.
                 I'm not sure how I can fix it.

ModOhFun! v2.1:    
- ADDED: Berserk now affects the infinite pistol.
- ADDED: All items and weapons cannot be destroyed with crushers or doors now.

- CHANGED: New fullscreen hud
- CHANGED: "Hard" difficulty is now a fourth difficulty, and now there's a new
           third difficulty.
- CHANGED: Primary fire on the rapid railgun does a bit more damage.
- CHANGED: The "Eye of satan" primary fire now only uses 1 ammo.
- CHANGED: Uber cubes have full brightness now.
- CHANGED: Many projectiles from enemies have full brightness now.
- CHANGED: The Punchy Undead Terror's explodey attack has MUCH less radius,
           forgot to do that for v2.0

- CHANGED: The Rampaging Imp Summoner Gun's projectiles will no longer damage
- CHANGED: Several monsters have a higher pain chance, and many that didn't have
           painchance at all now has some.
- CHANGED: EyeSeeYou is now a boss for uber cubes instead of a spider
           mastermind replacement. A new boss will it's place: The
           Super Cranium!
- CHANGED: 360 saw gains altfire ammo faster.
- FIXED: The infinite pistol's altfire used 1 clip per shot, suppose to use none
         at all.     
- FIXED: The muzzleflash on the explosive shotgun was not properly scaled
           with the weapon.
- FIXED: The muzzleflash on the gibber shotgun was misaligned.           
- FIXED: When a fusionar did their suicide attack, their corpse would still
         block your way.
- FIXED: When shotgun bats died, their corpse also still blocked your way.
- FIXED: Seizure demons should no longer become completely invisible.
- FIXED: Somehow, the sausagequatch had no health property in their decorate 
         lump, which set their health to 1000 by default, more than twice the 
         amount it should have been.

--- KNOWN ISSUE: This mod sometimes breaks maps, sometimes monsters are
                  suppose to spawn which you are suppose to kill, but they
                  never actually spawn.
ModOhFun! v2.0:    

- ADDED: New ModOhFun options! Such as invidual monster replacement
         mod, like it did in old versions of ModOhFun, the option
         for an infinite pistol, and the option to add Uber Cubes!

         In Uber Cube mode, uber cubes will sometimes spawn, should you 
         open these cubes, monsters or a boss will appear, defeat them
         for a prize! Some new weapons only appear from uber cubes.
- ADDED: "Demonic" weapons! These weapons have an altfire that summons monsters
         to fight for you, but it costs health. Killing monsters with these
         weapons in certain ways will have them drop health.
- ADDED: Pistol has a burst fire attack for the altfire.
- ADDED: Decided to add the vanilla BFG in, with a few buffs.

- ADDED: Magic and demonic weapons display text on how it works when you 
         bring it up.
- ADDED: New monsters, like a shotgun shell powered demon robot, and
         and giant pain elemental filled with tons of different kinds of lost souls!  
- ADDED: A totem silhouette will appear over corpses that you 
           can raise totems from with magic weapons.
- ADDED: Powerups now have text on them, like other items.    
- CHANGED: More enemies are recolored to help distinguish them from items.     
- CHANGED: The fist does more damage, and has a nice punchy sounds yay.
- CHANGED: Enemies do less damage on moderate difficulty
- CHANGED: Invulnerability gives you golden vision, instead of my-eyes-fucking-hurt vision.
- CHANGED: You now only need to kill 2 of 3 of the mangiant's slaves to remove
           his invulnerability, rather than needing to kill all of them.
- CHANGED: The double damage sphere is replaced with a guard sphere. (Enemy
           damage is reduced by 40% for 30 seconds)
- CHANGED: The plasmarifle-shooting plasma orb has a different altfire, the
           mini demon summoning altfire has been given to the demonic rocket launcher instead.
- CHANGED: Some enemies with explosive deaths either have a less damaging death or
           no explosive death at all now.
- CHANGED: Some enemies shoot less projectiles
- CHANGED: Some enemy projectiles are slower
- CHANGED: Zombie barrels, the tiny barrels, living bfg balls, giant bfg balls
           are now always at full brightness.
- CHANGED: The barrel demon, being the replacement of the pinky, now only
           attacks when you're close. (Should've been like this before)
- CHANGED: Unholy Human Manifest's projectiles no longer split into smaller
           projectiles when it hits you (because it would do insane amounts of
           damage), only when it hits the wall.
- CHANGED: Player Oh Fun is now nice enough to move his HUD face
           out of the way when viewing automap, so you can see
           the map name.
- CHANGED: Originally, only tier 2 enemies could drop ammo for magic weapon
           altfires. Now most enemies can drop some, the stronger they are the
           more they drop, however the cost of the altfire is much higher.
           You still can only raise totems from tier 2 enemy corpses.
- FIXED: Some weapons provided way too little ammo when picked up.           
- FIXED: Some weapons are now bright when firing.
- FIXED: Plasma bros never did drop a chaingun.

ModOhFun! v1.2:    

- ADDED: Several new weapons, such as "magic" weapons which have an altfire
         to summon ally totems from tier2 enemy corpses. Requires a special ammo
         type obtained from killing tier2 or tier3 enemies with magic weapons. 
- ADDED: New monsters, like an enemy summoning archvile variant.
- ADDED: Cybermage can now heal enemies, kill it quickly!

- CHANGED: You get more ammo on easy difficulty.
- CHANGED: Living bfg balls no longer explode on normal death, only when 
           they do a suicide attack.
- CHANGED: The shootycubus has been replaced by a guest appearance from
           DO-TIMS, the sausagequatch! Behaves pretty much the same as the shootycubus.
- CHANGED: Mangiant's slaves will stand still for a bit after they attack,
           making it easier to hit them.
- CHANGED: Mangiant no longer reflects projectiles back at you.

- FIXED: Accidentally made evil bfgs a lost soul replacement 
         when it was suppose to be the "puffy" enemy.
- FIXED: Super shotguns did not appear at all.
- FIXED: Slimcubus was a chaingunner replacement, but didn't drop a chaingun on death.
- FIXED: Allied monsters would attack monster spawners.
- FIXED: Apparently hellsworn marines were able to resurrect their own kind.

ModOhFun! v1.1:    
- ADDED: New title screen.
- CHANGED: The HUD is now better in widescreen'ded

- ADDED: Text on weapon pickups.
- ADDED: New weapons, such as a shell box that launches bouncy shells at enemies!
- ADDED: For now, partial invisibility spheres have been replaced with a extra
         damage sphere, since there's no hitscan enemies anymore.

- ADDED: Fist now has an altfire, use some health to fire a projectile.
         Works when powered up with a berserk powerup too!
- CHANGED: Speaking of berserk, it now fully heals you.
- CHANGED: You now start with 100 bullets instead of 50.
- CHANGED: Replaced dual chainguns with a weapon from project uber.
           Teeny tiny miniguns that you can also throw like a grenade!
- CHANGED: The big fucking stunner's projectile no longer hurts you.
- CHANGED: Also has a new altfire.

- FIXED: Revenant horror's attack did no damage.
- FIXED: Forgot to add back the BFG pistol (slot 6)
- CHANGED: Demons and spectres now share the same monster types to choose from.
- CHANGED: Projectiles no longer go through ghost shotgunners. 

- Reorganized stuff in game and the pk3
- ADDED: Text on explosive barrels
- ADDED: MANY new enemies! Such as a slave master, a drunk cacodemon, and a cybermage!
- ADDED: Several new weapons, like a stunner BFG, a rapidfire railgun, and a firewall cannon!
- ADDED: You can now toggle pistol start on and off.

- CHANGED: Many enemies and weapons have been edited in both appearance and behaviour
- CHANGED: There are no hitscan enemies anymore
- CHANGED: New randomizer code, now it works with icon of sin and dead 
           simple maps, thanks to Ed The Bat for the help.
ModOhFun! v0.9:
- ADDED: New weapon: Plasma Contraption!
- ADDED: New enemies: Splito Skelly, Eye see you.
- FIXED: Some enemies were left out of spawning: Hellsworn

- CHANGED: RevenantHorror nerfed
- CHANGED: Nova Knight buffed
- CHANGED: Only the shotgunners, shell fiends, and ghost shotgunners will drop shotguns.
           Before, enemies like ele-mental imps and barrel mancubi could drop 'em.

ModOhFun! v0.8:
- CHANGED: Enemy slots have been rearranged, simplified to where each monster only has three monsters to choose from.
- CHANGED:Many enemies have been edited in both appearance and behaviour
- ADDED: New enemies, such as a BFG spouting cyberdemon and a winged shotgun!
- FIXED: Cacolauncher altfire could go through walls due to radius 1 and height 1.
  Recently discovered that it wasn't a good idea!

ModOhFun! v0.7:
- ADDED: New weapon graphics
- ADDED: New weapon PICKUP graphics
- CHANGED: Cacolauncher altfire now uses more ammo.
- CHANGED: nerfed really super shotgun fire, buffed altfire

ModOhFun! v0.6:
- ADDED: New graphics for some item pickups


SO play away you dingus, and have fun.

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ModOhFun! v3.1
- ADDED: Persistent Mode: In this mode, the game only chooses monsters and weapons once, rather than choosing on every level start. So you'll have the same monsters and weapons through the entire playthrough.

- CHANGED: Weapons now use Weapon.SlotNumber, instead of the player using Player.WeaponSlot, so it should work better with gameplay mods.
- CHANGED: Evil BFG no longer does a plasma nova on death.
- CHANGED: Infinite pistol's altfire is now a burst fire, like the normal pistol, and is affected by berserk.
- CHANGED: Alchemist's imps have no more pain, and will eventually die on their own.

- CHANGED: Buffed and nerfed weapons here and there. The demonic eye for example does double the damage now, and you're a bit resistant to it.
- CHANGED: Bosses are more resistant to several weapons, like the firewall which had an altfire that would absolutely annihilate it.
- CHANGED: Mini zombie barrels will not explode if killed by weapons.
- FIXED: Brightness on some weapons were a bit messed up.
- FIXED: Fixed the sprite offsets of puffyz, before it was difficult to hit because the sprite was way below the actual hitbox. It also has less health, and a more noticable death animation.





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ModOhFun! v3.2

- CHANGED: Lots of rebalancing and cleanup with coding, stuff is less frustrating and bit less of a visual overload to  deal with, lots of mistakes fixed, and overall a tad more polished.

- ADDED: For the quad pistol, you get even more firepower when all keys are held at the same time.

- ADDED: New weapon only found in uber cubes, the Fist Saw. It works like the saw, but is affected by berserk powerups!


where be download oh it be here mm yes https://darsycho.itch.io/modohfun

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