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An idea for a project...

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Well, I thought I might make a scary wad with a creature you must run from in the whole game, like nemisiss.It will be like a first person survival-horror game.
Let me explain the creature:
When they where young, my parents went to a park at midnight on a full moon.
Still in the car, my mom said she felt like some... thing was watching her...
My dad felt the same, he drove towards the exit of the park..
The park was in a valley, only two ways in and out, one went into town, the other, into a large forest full of who knows what...
When my perents went through a small road lined with trees and darkness, they felt something was watching them, then... a THING walked out in front of them.
It was a tall human-like creature with black eyes and it was completely white... except for it's long tounge.. with blood dripping down it's chest from it's mouth... it walked over to the car and looked in... reached for the handle... my dad freaked out and drove away really fast... my mom said it ran after them for about a second then stopped, and vanished into the darkness... strange but true.It was some frak in a costume or some... THING... my parents never returend to... Tilden Park.. at least never on a full moon at midnight.

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Nice story, sounds like just about every cheesy scare movie out there...

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