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How can I get Risen3D's Hi-Res Stuff to work on Doomsday ?

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Hey Dudes ! For the past few days I've been playing around with the Doomsday Engine and i got it to work with no lag at 60 fps with all the visuals turned on ... but i don't really like the JDRP 1.01 ... in fact to be honest i don't like the Doomsday addons at all ... Risen3D's Model Packs and Hi-Res Patches are way better for me ...
Is there a way to get the packs from R3D to work on Doomsday ?

Also ... I don't like having to use the snowberry interface to specify witch addons to load for each IWAD ... isn't there a way to make it like on Risen3D ? (Where the right addons load for the right IWAD) ?

2nd ... Where can i get custom sound fx and JDRP models from ?

3rd ... I have a collection of remixes for DOOM , DOOM II & TNT ... How can i get them to work without having to make a DED file ... (most of them are already renamed to the proper lump name) ...

And 4Th ... Say I wanna play Multiplayer with my friends ... Do I have to give them my custom addons so that they can play with me ? ... or that's just a client related thing ? ...

Thanks for any replies xD ...

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Adapting Risen3D resource packs to work with Doomsday is a simple matter of repacking them, as Vermil described in response to your post about this on the Doomsday forums.

(Linking so that anyone else who comes across this post will find it too).

At some point we may also support the Risen3D addon layout natively as its pretty much the same as Doomsday. I guess the changes were made to support adding additional hires content? (Somewhat like ZDoom's WAD lump "namespaces").

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