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NADA Late February Sign-ups Open

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Sign-ups for the Late February NADA tournament are open to all individuals through February 15th. The duel tournament, played on UDM3 Map09, will begin on February 17th and is projected to run through March 2nd. Players can sign-up through the forums and chat/practice with other players through the official IRC channel: irc.quakenet.org #nadoom.

NADA, short for North American Doom Association, is an organization that runs bi-weekly 1-on-1 tournaments on the Odamex engine. In spite of its name, it features players from around the world (with servers across the North America and Europe). Unlike other tournaments, the NADA is focused not only on high level competition, but bringing in new players and introducing them to dueling at a competitive level. If you've ever wanted to ease into playing competitive Doom, check out NADA and consider signing up for the next tournament!

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