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Modeldefs Frame Issue

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I'm having an extremely confusing time with this model. When I spawn it, the frame that the spawn sprite indexes appears as well as a frame that isn't indexed at all. What the hell is going on? O_o


The models themselves are separate - I don't actually have a model of a car over a car, just to be clear. The layout is as follows:

model 0 = regular car
model 1 = 4 wheels (frame 1 is normal wheels, frame 2 is wrecked wheels)
model 2 = wrecked car

Model cop

   Path "Models/cop"
   Model 0 "cop.md2"
   Skin  0 "cop.png"
   Model 1 "cop1.md2"
   Skin  1 "cop1.png"
   Model 2 "cop2.md2"
   Skin  2 "cop2.png"

   scale 38.3 38.3 38.3

   frameindex XPAB A 0 0 ///A piece of model 2 appears (?)
   frameindex XPAB A 1 0 

   frameindex XPAB B 2 0 
   frameindex XPAB B 1 1 


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