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Doom Radio - Program B Episode 15: 2013 Cacoward Special

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Doom Radio is back from a long vacation with a new episode of Program B. This episode, Doom Radio regulars and semi-regulars Alfonzo, Tarnsman, MTrop, and Dew discuss this year's (last year's?) Cacowards, 2013 Edition. There's a lot of ground to cover, and this episode clocks in at roughly 2 hours, so you might want to download this one and listen to it in bits at a time. Some additional points of this episode include discussion around the Espi Award, whether partial works should be considered for awards, or whether other aspects of communal work should receive equal recognition, like graphic artists or music composers. Pull up a chair and have a listen.

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long episode but its worth to listen to. cacoward needs coverage, in writing and audio. i hope in the future somebody can do a video special that would be great.

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