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My first WAD (chemplant.wad)

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So, I created a map a little while back, my first real Doom 2 map. I would like you to provide some critical feedback for me. Tell me what I can do to improve it. (For the best experience, play on a hard difficulty, but not the hardest. I found it's a bit too frustrating on that difficulty).

Also, if the download link is broken or something, let me know.


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Note for players: It's MAP07.

I'll let you know what I think soon, after I'll play the map. ;)

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Well, I've done it. And my feelings are mostly very positive. For a first map, it's pretty good, both aesthetically and gameplay-wise. I liked that the map wasn't entirely linear. Nonlinear maps are good, don't be afraid to add on that aspect. Map was quite spacious and corridors not cramped, which is good too. I also liked the weapon distribution throughout the map (powerful weapons given soon), the attempts to make use of height variation, the fact that I immediately saw what every switch did, and overally the easy-ish pleasurable gameplay (yes it is). Music is nice too.

I noticed a few basic mistakes you'd better try to avoid in the future. First, the map is quite very orthogonal. Not that it's a big flaw, but since the Doom engine allows for angled walls, it's better to take advantage of it as much as possible. Second thing, typical for newcomers, is monotexturing. You have rooms entirely covered with white STARTAN texture, or silver SUPPORT2, or a gray texture, computer panel etc., and it's really just this texture covering the square/octagonal room all over, like a wallpaper. The best is to already design the rooms to allow for meaningful texture changes and detail. Add alcoves with monsters, more windows to surrounding areas, merge/interconnect rooms with each other. Interesting architecture adds a lot to the map's quality.

Another thing, this time a more important mistake, is the inescapable nukage pit. Inescapable pits are generally considered an annoying design choice, never make them, always provide some way out. Then I personally didn't like how some of your doors can't be opened from one side, I don't really see the reason. When you do it, at least use a D1 action so the door stay open, plus possibly give the door a different colour, so it's distinguished from normally openable doors. Lastly, the map kinda lose an action towards the end. The thing I'd recommend here (an actually good thing) is to add some monster closets that open somewhere in the map in the moment the player grabs a key. Then, when he'll backtrack to the coloured door, he will suddenly face a new opposition.

Wish you good luck with your further mapping!

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I just played this now. Used GZDoom, got an error about line 79 in ZMAPINFO. I think you just want "Map07Special" as the entire line. I played on skill 4 (what is normally UV), warping right to the map, so I don't know if I bypassed some of the special skills you defined or not, sorry. Also not sure if I was supposed to be able to jump or not? Seemed like no but you didn't have NoJump or NoCrouch defined.

For the most part, I agree with scifista42's comments. (I don't have a problem with inescapable pits like this.)

My main criticism is that the action starts out quite intense and frantic, I had barely enough ammo and health to scrape by (good), but by the end it was smooth sailing as most of the sniping monsters were gone and I had enough supplies to easily deal with whatever came my way.

The corridor with the yellow key also stuck out to me as being weird, punch out a bunch of demons and then there's no resistance afterwards. It's a pretty minor flaw though.

Quite good for a first wad.

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For a first wad, it's pretty good. The use of textures is nice and the overall map design has a modern 2000's & 2010's look to it. For the map size, I think 135 enemies should be enough. Anything more would be unnecessary.

My only complaint with the map is that there really isn't enough health kits. A few more in some sectors would be good in my opinion. I also have mixed feelings on the music. I personally don't like it when people make wads with music in mp3 format. I prefer it to be in midi format to be honest. Besides, I don't think every doom source port can support mp3's.

Other than that, excellent job. The map is challenging and I did not get bored when playing it.

You should join the Doomworld Mega Project 2014 so more people can play your map. It would definitely make a nice addition to the megawad: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/66958-doomworld-mega-project-2014-7-maps-51-mappers/


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