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All monsters drop one item

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Im making a small mod where one of your weapons requires ammo that you can get from every monster, but i dont know how to make every monster drop the ammo.
help please.

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dufferton said:

it does, kind of, but i dont know how to make all of the monsters drop the item

Try this:

ACTOR NewCaco : Cacodemon replaces Cacodemon

  DropItem (item you want dropped)
I think I got it right. This code will cause the stock Cacodemon to drop an item when it dies. You can alter this easily for all the other monsters.

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Ah thanks a lot for the hint! it helps a lot to make combat in my wad a bit more "push forward"-style if Fatsos, Cacodemons or other drop shells etc. 

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...cripes, didn't expect to see me from 2014.


Also @Belleth, just a general rule of thumb: if a thread has been inactive for quite some time, it's often best to not comment on it. Makes things confusing for people browsing and in the case of old projects it fools people into thinking there's updates or stuff like that.

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