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My new Quake map.

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Just made a good Quake map using Jackhammer. I am wondering what people think of this map. I just wish that Quake had static meshes so that you could add the cool lights instead of having to model light fixtures yourself. Anyway, at the bottom of this post there is a link to the WIP map for Quake. See what you think of this so far.


Hope to see many improvements in the next version.

Texture application mode.


My Quake map in progress. This editor really does work!



Another new area I have added. Needs more detail though.


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I'm going to sound like an ass, but I'll go ahead. The first room is just a simple box that takes a few minutes to build,repeating textures, and a few grunts, and is fullbright. The second area is better, but it's still just a larger box, with a few doorways,. And the lighting is completely off, there's a few lightsources and the rest is pitch black. And why is an enforcer in the same room as an ogre?

But what it boils down to, is that these are just boxes, with an open area with a skybox.

I'm definitely not saying quit, just keep practicing and building better levels. What you have is drawing brushes in a square area and asking people what they think. What you have is areas made in WorldCraft soon after the game was released, and could be made in a few minutes.

Keep going with it if you like doing it, and if you have a passion for it then go with it. I'd love to see some great new Quake levels, but the pictures are just "I put together a floor brush, four wall brushes, and a ceiling brush". I just wouldn't put pictures of a box up for review.

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First and foremost that is a nice looking box. The squareness of it really captures the madness of Quake. The texturing and lighting details are fine. Keep up the good work champ, I'm looking forward to an entire episode replacement of this.

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This is only my first map. I am sure I could build something better next time. I wish there was a working site with more prefabs. All the ones that I tried were down. I just need to work on making non square rooms and corridors.

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Jello said:

And why is an enforcer in the same room as an ogre?

He's an ogre trainee.

You should definitely put more lighting. Now I had to use fullbright to see anything.

You could cut those walls in more sections vertically to have more textures and detail, or maybe not have so tall rooms.

You should also know that quakeguy's step height is 18.. the floor details in the other level looked like there should have been some smaller steps to allow player get away from them without jumping.

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