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Making an outside sector

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I'm currently making a little WAD and learning how to make maps thanks to Doom Builder.
However, I'm puzzled with a strange problem.

I checked other maps to see how to make sectors that look like outside areas. I stripped down the textures in 3D view, like Doom II's MAP01.

This is the WAD I'm currently making: http://www.latelier240.fr/Vrac/UDMF_ttf.wad

Under Skulltag, the outside area displays fine, but in the latest version of ZDoom, I am greeted by an HOM. Am I missing something?

(credits for custom graphics: Terry minions and NMN)

(and yes, MAP02 is intentionally blank for now. Anyway, you can test MAP01 and provide some feedback, but keep in mind that it's my first Doom map ever)
(and yes, this WAD will be about Terry Traps, without any sexual reference or obnoxious screams)

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Instead of an untextured wall, you should have a zero-height sector (ceiling down to the floor) that also has a sky ceiling. Like so:

Hope that helps :)

Also, very nice map for your first try! I'd recommend using a bit more odd angles instead of just 90 degree angles, but that's just me.

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Thanks for that tip, I wasn't sure about this bevahior of the Doom Engine regarding the ceiling, as I had previously used Duke 3d's BUILD ;)

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You can also do what E1M1 does around the green armor room, and have a sector around the outer wall that has a ceiling flat of F_SKY1, but a ceiling height lower than the surrounding geometry. If the ceiling's F_SKY1, the renderer isn't fussed if there's no Upper texture (I forget if it even bothers rendering it if the sidedef has one specified or not).

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