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Is this trick possible?

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I'm basically finished with building map09 of resonance.wad, and I noticed some interesting potential for a trick. It sounds pretty freaking crazy but maybe it's possible to rocket slide under the red bars, while doing an archvile jump (or double archvile jump??) to the exit and somehow avoid the mancubi that pop up from underground in front of it. Maybe someone else out there can make a demo? I havn't been able to do it so far; too hard to lure both archviles and get the baron out of the way.

I attached a demo with an attempt where I got pretty close but those mancubi got in the way...

Link to the wad: http://www.mediafire.com/download/wdw42epjiti21gc/resonance.wad


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Yeah that's what I will do this weekend. I still don't get why the demo is desynching though. The wad is supposed t be limit removing compatibility, which means -complevel 2.

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