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Fulcrum: Doom ][ (Mass-conversion & Mission) for Hexen

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Hi! :)
In 2001 I made a mass-conversion with new misson of Doom ][, for Hexen: 'The Fulcrum'.
At that time I put the 11 maps in the file PWAD Fulcrum.wad, but everything else in the private IWAD Hexen.wad file with WinTex...
Today I would like to make a version for GZDoom, putting everything on the PWAD Fulcrum3.wad, but I have one problem: some elements of the game remain the Hexen, and not of Doom: objects, player, enemy...
I state that I have not added items of Doom in Hexen, but I replaced them with existing ones (the texture of the gun to fists, etc...)
How can I do you think? :)
(Sorry for my bad english).

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Thank you for responding! :)
In PWAD I replaced the textures in Figure:
but in the game are those of IWAD.
So I had to make a filejoin, to change these textures directly in IWAD.
I know it's sacrilegious to do this, but I had no other choice! XD
This is my complete mod, but with filejoin for change the IWAD:
In file Fulcrum3.wad, are only the map, actually...
I want to join with the filejoin Funlcrum3, but for now it does not work like that.

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The first thing you should do is to place all sprites in FILEJOIN.wad between S_START and S_END markers.

Then copy everything in FILEJOIN.wad and paste it in FULCRUM3.wad.

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