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Chris Hansen

A question about a certain Mr. Lade

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Eris Falling said:

This somehow led me to envision archaeologists of the distant future..

"Yes! We have found new cave paintings! And pottery with carvings!
It seems to be some sort of massive list...with super precise numbers and .wads whatever those are..like some sort of over-obsessive rating system..What a fantastic insight this is into how our ancestors' minds worked!"

When I studied archaeology modules at university we looked at

-boring super-detailed lists of Mycenaean artifacts
-boring super-detailed lists of Babylonian cattle (in cuneiform)
-boring super-detailed lists of Roman names
-boring super-detailed lists of missing Hellenic texts

I think history is on the side of Brandon D Lade who will be venerated as one of the great thinkers of our age :-p

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Perhaps so, but the historians weren't wanking off when they made their lists, so unlike them, Lade wouldn't be venerated in public.

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MajorRawne said:

Perhaps so, but the historians weren't wanking off when they made their lists...


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Be wary if you watch my livestreams on my twitch channel, for his most recent perchant seems to be asking questions in my chat. (Bdl816 being his alias) My moderator Drallkan actually had to apply his first ever bit of moderating on him during NOVA part 1 with a brief timeout, even!

However in fairness, he does also talk about the wad I'm playing and provide information from time to time, so I sort of 'tolerate' him and just keep on playing Doom. It's not like he's a troll or anything, just has some form of genuine autism/OCD/Aspergers, which I can sympathize with.

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