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Obituares to advanced ports.

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i remenber of sometime ago of i made obituares to freedm well i have tested it too, it dont bug on chocolate doom because unknow strings is ignored on chocolate, but advanced ports use it, well i think of we need to create or edit the mines one, because on zandronum for example you see the obituares of DOOM eg: player was splatered by player's super shotgun.
So we may edit these strings easy.

everyone up to it?

only to us know i habe the obituares done but, i lose it on my pc i formated it, but my friend "75" have the file he'll give me back the file.

Edit: for fun a bit here is one of i remenber to us:

Protox have our ass kicked by someone's skag ball.
Protox was recharged so much by someone's polaric cannon.
Protox undertimated someone's pump action shotgun. (maybe we need a new one to this).

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Freedoom already has a dehacked lump. This is about putting in a lump to change the obituary messages that some ports support (Vanilla Doom doesn't have any such messages).

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