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Doomers That Disappeared

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Remiel said:

is still on IRC.

Whatever happened to Psyren?

I occasionally speak to Psyren. He's just occupied with IRL these past few years, though he occasionally fires up some Doom.

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buttspit said:

Check the ZDoom forums for leileilol.

Or occasionally the Oblige forum.

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For some odd reason I had a hankering to come back and check on the old doomworld. Lot's changed, but it's good to see it is still doomworld. I realized my account was made in 2000, and 2006 was the last time I posted on here. I was surprised I was able to log in. Life and such happens. I honestly figured my account would have been disabled and deleted by now.

Long story short I ran across some doom videos on youtube and it got me thinking. Man I missed out on the troll wads and everything too. It's nice to come back here, kind of like home.

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