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Hades Invasion - ZDoom Demo

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I found this good old project for ZDoom, and I've probably released a demo before so I'm releasing it again for more feedback so I can work on it again.


- New monsters (Realm667 Beastiary). Not all of them are included in this demo.
- Boss encounters for each map (same as Bossed).
- 3D floors (GZDoom isn't necessary to render them, ZDoom software mode can render 3D floors).
- Custom textures (taken from the CC4 texture pack).
- ACS Scripts.
- Maps will be beatable from the start. At every map the player enters will be given weapons that could be taken from the previous map (except for secret ones if there are any) by using a script. However, if the player enters a map by beating its previous one the script won't operate.

I'm looking for feedback. Please inform me about any bugs/issues.


P.S.: You're okay to use cheats to get ammo especially in the second map.

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