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Star Wars Mech thing

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I was messing around with some graphics I wanted to use in my Aspects mod. After a while I realised they weren't quite what I was looking for, but rather than trash it completely I decided to throw it into a file and make it available.

It is a replacement for the spiderdemon that looks like the mech type robots from "Jedi Outcast". I screen grabbed it, and touched up the graphics a bit, but it is thrown together and is not perfect.

It contains a simple deh patch to change its behaviour slightly and a SNDINFO lump to stop the mech groaning like a demon when you hit it. So it will only be fully functional in Zdoom, but it could work in other ports. It has only been tested in Zdoom 1.23 b33, and then only for a few seconds.

Where is it?


Do with it as you see fit.

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Nigel, you really should release the SW conversion you sent me. I had a great time playing it, and I'm sure that others will agree. The Emperor really took the cake -- excellent DeHacked work as usual.

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Enjay: if you're holding back a quality Star Wars TC from us I'll... I'll... ummm... well I dunno what I'll do, but it won't be good :P

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Rex is being waaaaaay too kind. It is anything but a quality Star Wars TC. It is one of the first attempts I made at a TC, many, many moons ago.

A lot of poor quality graphics that most people can get from other SW conversions by browsing ftp sites (although I got them off a magazine CD - no internet access then), a few dodgy graphics I did myself and a bunch I took from Dark Forces. The levels are mainly Doom1 levels re textured and not really appropriate. The Dehacked work is so primitive and dodgy, I'm amazed it works at all.

A few months after I had done the above, I did a Heretic Star Wars TC. Now that actually was good, far more original too. The magical attacks worked well as laser weapons, the Mummies converted to ReeYees type enemies very nicely. In fact most of it just worked, and fitted into 3 small episodes very nicely. Interestingly, the story line was similar to Jedi Outcast (a dark Jedi harnessing force powers into machinery and items). With a little bit of dehacked type work (using HHE) it was pretty sweet.

Where is it I hear you cry. Well, this arse deleted all the copies on his hard drive and when he came to try and reinstall, the only 3.5 floppies of it I had were screwed. A friend had it on his HD, but he was away with the army. When he came back on leave, he decided that his old PC was only worth scrap, and binned it. Bye bye nice little SW TC for Heretic. :-(

Mind you, I have just thought of a cool way to get the emperor and his lightning attack into Zdoom without changing any existing Doom enemies. Maybe... :-)

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